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Posted On: Tuesday - February 6th 2018 6:31PM MST
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Not a snowflake, but she really oughtta get off the rock and reproduce.

(Just a file photo here - not the subject of the post.)

This is just a continuation of the previous post, in which I got pretty torqued off at the stupidity involving women in the workplace. That is a topic that could be discussed in more depth here, but the conclusion of that post, herein, is what was supposed to be the subject in the first place, women who just don't have it in 'em to have kids, though being quite capable. The title says "anti-snowflake", as this is about women who are quite unlike some other Western women responsible for demographic suicide, the snowflake girls, written about in the 2nd "demographic soo-eee-cide" post.

This is also about a co-worker. No snowflake at all, this one can take some talk about anything, even though still of the left/feminist bent politically. It's just not the politics in her that are the problem, demo-suicide-wise. The woman I'm writing about is not a rock-climber, that I know of, but is in great shape for her participation in other outdoor activities, and travel around the world.

Let me state here and now that I don't know her well enough on this, and the same with lots of other women that have damn good reasons they can't physically have a child. Peak Stupidity has the posts on the general state of things, and the exceptions don't usually get discussed. This is a general discussion then, that may, with 5% chance or less, NOT apply to this lady co-worker.

There are people living the high life, enjoying the types of travel and activities at a level that nobody could have in the past, especially just someone not particularly well-off like this lady. Being a lady in very decent shape, however, means she doesn't really need the means - most of it is obviously being paid for by a or multiple boyfriends. That's not my business.

After getting shown hundreds of pictures on her phone of all the fun all over the world, and the talk like she I should know some town in Patagonia, because of the skiing or this town, etc. I just started wondering if she had no idea that her body's job was to have children. Nothing in the pictures showed family stuff; it was all just friends having fun here, and traveling there, like people frozen in the good times without connection to anyone. It wouldn't have occurred to me to think like this even 10 years back. It wouldn't even have been that important 30 years back for America, though her family, I'm sure is another story. With the influx of a different population from all over, this stuff very much matters now.

At some point, I got around to showing this lady some video of our boy learning to ice-skate. It was a funny video of a cute kid. Most women would really enjoy it, but she had no smile and nothing to say about it. There wasn't a flicker of an idea that she might want to have anything to do with children. I don't know ... maybe this was a rarity, but it's just such a waste. It's just the end of the line for those good genes of hers that got her up 20,000 ft. mountains with no oxygen. Demographic soo-ee-cide is what it is, I tell ya.

Let me get some "closure" here, as people used to say, with the previous post. While searching for photos of that empty-headed Emily Chang, I came across the one displayed below. It seems like, no matter what stupidity Mrs. Chang has tried to encapsulate into her new book, and whatever financial crap she spouts on Bloomberg, she hasn't forgotten to do her real job. I'll give kudos for that, though if she really is Chinese, I'm guessing the Mom gave her some of that ancient Chinese wisdom at high pressure levels.

Emily Chang - at work

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