Every headline tells a story, don't it?

Posted On: Friday - February 9th 2018 7:53PM MST
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This post is not to be confused with an older one featuring great Rod Stewart music called Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?. Nope, this one says "headline", not picture. Here:

“It’s too late for Germany”: German feminist SJW admits she got it wrong on immigration, plans to emigrate for her retirement. What more does need to be said here, except for the fact that Peak Stupidity fancies itself a blog, and so must say something or other.

The story is from the Diversity Macht Frei blog - the title is a play on a phrase from a different phase in German history. I'm gonna paste in a good bit of his post:
In 2012 Rebecca Sommer founded the refugee aid association Arbeitsgruppe Flucht + Menschen-Rechte (AG F+M) [Working Group Asylum + Human Rights]. At the end of 2015, this artist, photographer and journalist and documentary maker applauded Angela Merkel’s decision to open German’s borders to the “refugees” who had been blocked in Hungary, despite the vacuum effect this would create. “At that time I wanted to help everyone ...
Stop right there! See what I'm talking about?
“It was a jarring perception when I noticed that these people I had helped, who were eating, drinking, dancing and laughing with me, who didn’t pray, who didn’t go to the mosque, who didn’t respect Ramadan, who made fun of religion and deeply religious people, called me ‘the stupid German whore’ when they were eating my food and were in my garden.”
Jarring, indeed, and just what does she mean by garden, exactly? [OK, low blow, there! - Ed] Really all I can write in reply to this paragraph is a big Instapundit-trademarked "HEH!".
She also acknowledges that, through their numbers, these Muslim immigrants pose a threat to the German way of life, and that this will get worse with family reunification.

She also told the Polish weekly magazine Do Rzeczy that she personally knows Germans who are getting ready to emigrate to Poland because they had have enough,...


She thinks it is already too late for Germany and she plans to emigrate for her retirement [to Poland, it sounds like]
Yes, you hear all those Pollack jokes and you figure they may not be too bright over there, right? This lady, however, is taking a lot for granted, if she thinks they will let her in after helping fuck up one country already - it sounds pretty bigoted of her to assume they will get everything backwards like this is just a simple light bulb joke.

Seriously, couldn't any of the SJW cntrl-left ever admit they were wrong? I mean, people like her have done unfathomable damage to the country of Germany. You're from there, lady, why don't you stick it out under you and the rest of your cntrl-left's sick social plans. See, it's not that an apology would make anything better. It's just that it may possibly clue in some of her cohorts that maybe they are not always right and should listen to their countrymen instead of dismissing them with perjoratives.


Oh, yeah, every picture tells a story too, so maybe the following would have sufficed as the entire post:

You're right, not all idiots are German feminists.
Still though, all German feminists are idiots.

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