Another song about a riverboat

Posted On: Thursday - December 22nd 2016 9:18PM MST
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This post has a happy song about a riverboat by Elton John. I just thought about another song about a different type of boat coming up the river - this is Neil Young's Powderfinger from the album Rust Never Sleeps.

Davey Johnstone's (Elton's guitar player) bright guitar sound is quite different from Neil's high-power peak-distortion sound here. This is a great song, but much different from Dixie Lily:

The album Rust Never Sleeps has acoustic guitar songs on the first side ("side" meaning nothing but the first 1/2 of the album, unless you go back to the vinyl) and the second side has hard-rock distortion electric guitar. So, the song "My my, hey, hey" is not to be confused with the song "Hey hey, my my!".

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