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Posted On: Saturday - February 24th 2018 7:12PM MST
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It's been a light blogging week here at Peak Stupidity. Next week may not be a whole lot better due to work pending. Today, however, the excuse is not really so sound - I have spent close to 1 1/2 hours, as a guess, on-line debating some ignorant Hoplophobe, i.e. gun-control nut, on unz.com both under this Pat Buchanan column and this Ron Paul column.

The worst of it, is that the guy, well, more likely a lady, is an immigrant from England, and has badmouthed England for being "not his country anymore." Yet, in the South, where the guy lives now, he writes like a typical cntrl-left resident of Massachusetts. The problem is that this commenter has been voting. Does this not remind the reader of a certain type of people, cough, cough, Californicators, cough, who have already screwed over the politics of Colorado and Washington State, and are working on Idaho? (Why is the commenter more likely a lady, even with the name "Jonathan Mason, you may well ask. I am just basing this judgement on the totally emotional response to that Florida school shooting vs. a man's normal logical response. This major difference been discussed here on the Peak Stupidity blog with regard to that S. Texas church shooting last fall.)

I would like to see the NRA not back down an inch on this. President Trump is another story, as he never has had solid principles, even with his heart in the right place. (i.e. he doesn't even hate Americans, whoo-hoo!) Back to the NRA, stickers and 5,000,000 members notwithstanding, they are not as solid and hard-core supporters of the 2nd Amendment as the smaller GOA, the Gun Owners of America, led by one Erich Pratt, and formerly by the awesome Larry Pratt.

Two last words here (OK, points). First, the true reasons the country has decayed to a point at which this type of thing happens every other month were described way better than the Peak Stupidity blog ever could by Mr. Fred Reed on unz.com, a man who has been justifiably bad mouthed by this very blog earlier for his unthinking support of all things involving his new-found Mexicanity here.

Secondly, please see the this link (same as above) on the Texas church shooting, if you think Peak Stupidity is just a home for heartless bastards.

Don't back down to the forces that want to exploit the tragedies, and sometimes very likely even encourage them, to take away the one freedom that COULD help maintain or restore the rest. Good night readers.

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