Guns, thought vs. emotion, and the latest Lyin' Press Traged-tainment

Posted On: Monday - March 5th 2018 8:48PM MST
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Instead of force-fed Lyin' Press traged-tainment, come out for some practice.
Let's get regulated, y'all!

(Not as pretty and peaceful as Lilydale,
but you don't come to the range for peace and quiet, more for peace of mind.)

There are thousands of great pro-gun/2nd-Amendment supporting sites on the web, just too many to pick the best to link to. This writer used to follow 5 or so of them, I don't have a recommendation at this point. I believe I got the gist of the history of and the arguments back and forth by now, in this long struggle to hold back the attempted destruction of this one portion of the Founder's Bill of Rights that is meant to prevent the destruction of all the others. Don't get me wrong, readers - this is just as existential an issue as that of the immigration invasion. The difference is, though we have not been abiding by the Constitutional letter-of-the-law, Americans have pushed back enough to have made gains in gun rights over the last 25 years or so. That's very obviously not the case on the Immigration Stupidity issue.

To conclude that intro, the Peak Stupidity blog is not a go-to site for 2nd Amendment rights, but we support it wholeheartedly. The Florida school murders of last week were fixed in the news as tragic infotainment for so long, that I will put in a few things here in support of bearing arms in America, to show support. So far, there was just the one "Don't Back Down post.

These following "bullet points" can't cover all the logical reasons that can be explained to some people (more on the "some people" at the end), but that's what the rest of the internet is for. ;-}

o The 2nd Amendment was not about deer and duck hunting, not about self-defense, and not about going to the range plinking. Many on the right will not even admit that - they are too cowardly to let people know what they think of the out-of-control US Feral Government.
o "Well-regulated" was not written in the sense of "controlled" by the government - what would be the point? The Founders used the word "regulated" to mean "in practice" or "on their game".
o It doesn't matter what that intital clause says, anyway, just the based on English grammar. Per the excellent way a S. Carolinian commenter on the unz threads put it "Salt and pepper being necessary for good tasting scrambled eggs, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed", and one can make other like statements. That intial clause does not change the meaning of the main sentence; it is nothing but an explanation for the existence of it.
o People not only could buy machines guns throught the mail before 1968, but it was a widespread practice for school kids to bring guns to school for shooting practice, keep guns in the pickup on the rack behind the driver, and other things that would require "lockdown" in the current sick day-and-age. There were not many school shootings. What was different then? It sure wasn't stricter infringements of our rights.
o "The 2nd Amendment was written in the day of muskets and doesn't apply to semi-auto rifles and handguns." Yeah, and what of the 1st Amendment? Does it or doesn't it apply to photocopies, faxes, text messages, emails, and anything on the internet? Should tweets be subject to the 1st Amendment - really, who cares on that one?!
o Speaking of the guns themselves, what make something an "assault" weapon? During the Clinton-signed 10 year-long ban on "assault rifles", the definition was based on cosmetic stuff that makes the rifle look scary. Yes, one can make fun of these idiots for their stupidity on gun knowledge, but it is really quite serious here, as this means any arbitrary feature can be made illegal. One day they can cover everything that makes a decent gun.
o This call for common-sense by the emotional useful idiots has often suckered decent, but not-too-bright, people into supporting new regulations. That's a problem, as even the slightest steps of registration WILL be used against us. Know your history, and you will understand that registration is a step too far, toward the Police State.
o Instant background checks are one such method in this escalation towards confiscation. "Oh, no, not to worry, the data is DELETED." Bullshit, as nothing in the computer/database world is just gone. It will only be clear to all that the names have been stored, when the use of this to enforce gun bans becomes widespread.

Now, here's the problem with all of these points. They are all good LOGICAL reasons for protection of gun ownership. The people you may want to reach possibly DO NOT WANT LOGIC. They "think" on emotion. The week-long barrage of Lyin' Press coverage has got them in such a state, that the viewers have their feeling-hormones up to Level 11. I've said it before, it's not that we're a bunch of heartless bastards. Were I one of the parents, siblings, or close friends, I'm not sure what I would to right now.

We just can't solve problems via emotion - life is not group therapy or an episode of Okra Winfrey. Some cool-headed big-picture thinking means realizing that even though our country has gotten itself so culturally screwed-up (Fred Reed column) to where this happens often, it's not going to help us to run head-long to Police State mode for the solution. The commenter on, that I and some other good folks have been trying to set straight with information such as the points above, is a case in point. He's worried about his daughters in public school right now, and getting very emotional and striking out, as the psychologists would say. We gotta do something! Common-sense control!

See, first of all, control is all he knows, this commenter, that is, and many people who think emote like him. Did he not even think about the fact that mandatory public schooling may be the problem? He complains of the kids having to do active shooter drills - that IS sick. Yet, are there any thoughts of homeschooling his girls in him? No, these cntrl-freaks minds are in their own prisons, basically. He could not think this type of thought, and other verbotten ideas like the fact that the "Broward Coward" was a cop - the only ones for which he doesn't have a problem with the carrying of guns. The cop was right at the school. Did that help this time? Do you want your daughters and grandchildren, sir, to live in an Orwellian police state? Have you thought that far ahead? NO! YOU! HAVEN'T!

We can't have the emotional "thinkers" voting, in the long run. The commenter I've been trying to set straight has a man's name, but the thinking is so women-like, that I just don't know anymore.

One last thing on the Florida murders is that it just seemed that the Lyin' Press was set-up to pounce on this one. I don't believe the whole thing was set-up, but I could definitely believe that this thing was let to happen. The glee of the ctnrl-left is not concealable this time. I think so little of these people, that yes, I believe they wanted it to happen badly, 17 kids dead or not. The high-powered elite in real power in the world just can't abide by one still-exceptional nation whose citizens have a way of fighting back against being turned into typical peons of the 3rd world.

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