"There's battle lines being drawn ... nobody's right if everybody's wrong."

Posted On: Friday - March 16th 2018 7:05PM MST
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(Continued from this post.)

(Protests 1/2 century before Bizarro-America and the Peak of Stupidity.)

Yes, if by "nobody" you mean nobody who matters to the cntrl-left, globalist, commie elite scum running this world ... for now ...
"There's something happening here, but what it is ain't exactly clear.
It's started to be a lot clearer lately for the real "woke" Americans. The Peak Stupidity blog has become especially aware of what the scum running ruining America now, and over the last few decades, are up to.
"There's a man with a gun over there
telling me I got to beware."
Some have guns, some have makeshift flame-throwers or just baseball bats, and, yes, they may call themselves men, once in a while. As the cntrl-left shock troops have been described here, in the 2nd part of this series, these are the misfits and ignorant scum of society, just as it has been through modern history. Their leaders are often brighter, but evil, and they have been taking their masks OFF as of late. They don't think they need to hide their intentions to destroy what's left of good, conservative American society anymore.
"There's battle lines being drawn.
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds,
getting so much resistance from behind."
That was kind of the case in the 1960's, when this song was written. The young people were right about part of what they protested about. (Let's give 'em the Vietnam war, in hindsight, and ... well, that's about it, I guess.) Their intolerance for American conservative values and traditions were not appreciated by the establishment of the country back then.

It's quite the bizzaro America now. The young people that want to speak truth are very afraid to speak their minds, and the cntrl-left/Commie useful idiots on the streets are the ones SUPPRESSING free speech. The establishment is almost completely made of the cntrl-left, Commies and Globalists now, at the "Long March through the institutions reached the 5,000-mile marker a few decades ago.
"What a field day for the heat,
a thousand people in the street,
singing songs and carrying signs,
mostly saying, 'hooray for our side'"
Yeah, each summer is gonna get hotter, Global Climate Disruption(TM)-caused cooling notwithstanding. The internal enemy shock troops fighting against America are only accelerating their rhetoric and their violence. They aren't just carrying signs anymore - they attack those peacefully protesting in support of America. It works pretty well for them, with the establishment ALL IN, and anarcho-tyranny firmly in place. Yes, it's bizarro-America compared to the deal 1/2-century ago.
"Paranoia strikes deep.
Into your life it will creep.
It starts when you're always afraid.
Step out of line, the men come and take you away."
It's not paranoid, as they say, if they ARE out to get you. Try being a young white man and writing about or, heaven-help-you, speaking your mind, i.e. the truth, about racial topics, the immigration invasion, or the sickness of feminism. "Men", or possibly former men, or LGBTQWERTY types will try to get you fired from your job, kicked out of school, and arrested, with only the 1st Amendment of those silly Libertarian's Constitution, hanging by a thread, to clear you from the jail part.

Indeed, you would be wise to remain vigilant, if not somewhat afraid, until the real Americans have truly had enough and have gotten together. This will be the subject of the last post in this series - almost a promise there! I really want to finish this off with my clear point on how I think it will go down, and why defeating the cntrl-left scum is no lost cause, by any means. It sure looks grim now, though, so you may want to stay tuned on this IP-number. (Hopefully tomorrow, Saturday ...)
"We better stop,
children, what's that sound?
Everybody look - what's going down?"
We know what the sound is. Lots of sound is coming from loud-mouth non-productive cntrl-left enemies all over the modern American institutions and on the streets. The bulk of the sound is out of the speakers of TV, aka Gov't Media blasting the lies 24/7/365(6). Peak Stupidity has heard this for a while and we damn sure know what the F is going down!

Yeah, there's a big parallel between today's cultural war and that sung about 50 years back, but in a "parallel universe" meaning of parallel. The establishment has been flipped 180 degrees and the stupidity level is a couple orders of magnitude higher, For What It's Worth

This one is the essence of 1960's protest music:

The band was Buffalo Springfield, composed of guys that would make other music in all sorts of other bands in different combinations of personnel. The well-known ones from the band are Stephen Stills and Neil Young.

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