The American Experiments in Democracy and SGTOW

Posted On: Wednesday - March 21st 2018 8:12AM MST
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French early 19th-century visitor to America, Alexis de Tocqueville

This post is not particularly related to any recent events, just the long-term destruction of the form of government created by our Founders and as described by the French observer above. His book Democracy in America is one of the most quoted on democracy (keeping in mind we actually had a Constitutional Republic back then) and a great one early American life of just about 200 years ago. (4.5 stars!

However, as mentioned in the post yesterday on the "American Experiment" in dieversity and multi-culturalism, set up by whom I have no idea, I wanted to mention the actual thoughts concerning "experiments" from our Founding Fathers and people like Mr. de Tocqueville from back in the day. Alex de Tocqueville used the phrase "Great American Experiment", which shows that indeed America was an exceptional country in terms of government, one the world had never seen the likes of. (It's not something that can be said today, at least not in a positive sense.)

The term "experiment" was used by the pundits of the day to describe "federalism". That word, though it may seem from it's root to have an opposite meaning now, refers to the system of the States in America having formed a government that is under these States' control. It was formed for a common defense mostly, and a few other things to encourage trade and a common legal system. Anyone can read the thing, without going to Washington, FS, or even opening a book now - HERE. It's pretty damn clear, especially after one reads Amendment X. Man, were this Law of the Land really complied with, we'd still be living in an exceptional nation. Alas ... is all I can say ...

The "various states" as the founders used to like writing, had rights above and beyond what the Federal Government that THEY CREATED could mess with. That means that these various states could make rules of their own, of course, and that's what made them experiments in democracy. It could be a beautiful thing were our current Feral Gov to back the fuck off - spoiler alert, that's not gonna happen without massive upheaval of society - it's too far gone. Just think about the concept (as it used to be in reality):

What, you don't like puritan ways and massive taxation in Taxachusetts? Move the heck down South to Alabama or out West (not too far out west) to Nevada. Not happy with the semi-socialist ways of the upper Midwest with it's descendents of the Germans and Swedes, you say? Move to another state where people made rules more to your liking. The great thing about this type of experimentation is that the people can be not just subjects of these experiments, but they can arrange the experiments and even bail out to the control groups if their theories were wrong and their results were a mess, cough, cough, California, cough ...

Until the tyrant Lincoln started the War of Northern Aggression, it was assumed that the states that wanted to do things differently could just opt out of the whole Federalism deal completely. Look in the Constitution (link is above) and see if you can find anywhere that there is a requirement to stay in this Union. This is not a comment on slavery or lack thereof, but the principle that over 1/2 a million American men and boys died fighting over was lost in that whole mess. The ideas of federalism and states' rights were slowly lost over the century that followed. They are coming back today, but it seems there are no principles that a united country wants to follow - more just the invoking of these particular principles when it suits current political needs. Of all people, the pundit Fred Reed has written a column that ends with thoughts on this point that could have come from the patriot Constitutionalist sites. Welcome to the party, pal Fred!

The idea that secession may be the best course for states or regions of America, the way things are so divided now, has probably not been discussed this much since that "late unpleasantness" of the 1860's. Just due to the fact that people now, used to spell-check and twitter, can not usually even successfully spell "secession", we could just use a modern term. The reader may have read the term acronymed as MGTOW meaning Men Going Their Own Way. It has to do with men's refusal to get involved in the modern-day anti-men marriage/family-court scam. How about let's just call this old, now new-again, idea SGTOW, for States Going Their Own Way? It'll help keep the tweets short too.

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