The Great War and remembrance of some massive sadness

Posted On: Tuesday - April 3rd 2018 7:04PM MST
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World War I ended just over a hundred years ago, by 5 months or so. [OOPS - big-ass boo-boo! Ed.] Peak Stupidity has been remiss as much as any other media (at least that I've read) on not commemorating the end, or the horrific battles that resulted in massive slaughter of young men in Europe from 1914 - 1918. There's no particular reason for the music presented below to appear here on this day. It's just that a commenter somewhere on embedded this one. It's not really that important under which post it appeared, it just brought out some feelings about war, especially truly needless war, such as was what was called The Great War, until WWII only 22 years or so afterwards.

I've read John Keegan's book, maybe 10 years back, and I don't recall it ever really coming up with a serious reason the deaths of these 10's of millions of young men were even remotely necessary.

Instead of some brief synopsis of the Great War, or links to some real history, I will just show you this video/song called The Green Fields of France. It's by a group of musicians named The Furies with Davey Arthur. I'd never heard of them. It doesn't matter.

I really don't think any other posting I could do would mean anything compared to the thoughts of these men dying for small pieces of ground at a young age, with all that future lost. I'll get back to it tommorrow though.

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