Captain Kennedy - more acoustic Neil Young music

Posted On: Thursday - April 26th 2018 11:17PM MST
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... and pretty damn obscure at that. You have to be a real Neil Young fan, almost an Annie Wilkes type fan, to have heard this one.

Captain Kennedy from the album Hawks and Doves should have come with the previous post on The Kennedies but I plain forgot. The Peak Stupidity blog has featured another song from the same album, called Coming Apart at Every Nail, which was one of a trilogy of songs that presciently described the unravelling of America leading up to peak stupidity. The other 2 were Merle Haggard's Are the Good Times Really Over for Good? and Paul Simon's American Tune

The lyrics on this one are very clear, so easy to make out, but it's not easy for me to have any idea of whether there is any real historic background to them, and what in the hell that would be. Who cares, this one has that trademark Neil Young acoustic chunky guitar sound. This is one guy who likes to use the guitar as both a harmonic and a percussion instrument. You can just tell it's Neil Young right away when you hear the style of his acoustic playing.

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