Jerry Jeff Walker

Posted On: Monday - December 26th 2016 8:31PM MST
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Peakstupidity does not plan on being a site just dedicated to the subject of Global Climate Stupidity. It's just that this writer wants to kind of wrap this up soon. More posts on all kind of stuff will be coming, especially on Feminism, a topic key which has no posts to its name so far.

A hippie chick was riding in the club car of an Amtrack train with me on a trip across the glorious West when I was younger. I let her listen to The Dead from my expensive "walkman" knock-off cassette player, and she raved about a country singer named Jerry Jeff Walker.

Here it is 20-odd years later, and, apropos of nothing, I figure I'd put up a live version of his song "Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother".

"He's 34, drinking in a honky-tonk, just kicking hippies' asses and raising hell.

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