Second Hand News - Fleetwood Mac

Posted On: Saturday - May 19th 2018 8:21PM MST
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Most of the music on Peak Stupidity lately has been associated with a post in some way. Here, I just want to feature a great song that the reader may not have heard in a while or at all. You can't help but like this one.

This is Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac from their big-selling album Rumours (yeah, spellcheck works - they're just British.) from 1977. Only a couple of tracks on that album are NOT great.

This great '70's rock band has been featured here before with Say You Love Me and Blue Letter, both from the album previous to Rumours, just called Fleetwood Mac.
It's Lindsey Buckingnam singing here and his bright-sounding guitar.

For those of you living with the life-long effects of childhood lyricosis, as this writer is, I want to make sure that you know this: Lindsey Buckinham is NOT singing "I'm just sittin' here nude, I'm just sittin' here nude... yeah!" OK, just making sure we are all on the same page.

Lindsey Buckingham – electric guitars, acoustic guitar, percussion, lead vocals
Mick Fleetwood – drums, timbales, shakers, marching snare drum
John McVie – bass guitar
Christine McVie – Hammond organ, piano, backing vocals
Stevie Nicks – backing vocals

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