Un-PC Dr. Suess video - it rocks!

Posted On: Saturday - May 26th 2018 7:47PM MST
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Stars, L - R: Sally, "The Boy", Thing 1, Thing 2, and The Cat

Back last fall, Peak Stupidity commented in Every day, from here to there, crazy broads are Everywhere. about a small brew-haha involving a certain librarian (not trying to harass her but I think I saw her living on Mulberry Street) who took out her political beliefs on the wonderful Doctor Suess. This follow-up post discussed the PC race-influenced modern videos of "Cat in the Hat" stories that I had seen. It was kind of distressing to know that even the good Dr. Suess' material could not be left alone by the PC crowd. I guess I should be well used to it.

Well,I am happy to say there is some bright news in a video we saw today (This one may be it, but ours has 3 stories in one, so I'm not sure.) This video did NOT have the corrected-colored characters, with the boy and girl who would not have been brother and sister, that made the other video's whole story no longer realistic (as it if ever was, haha!) Just knowing it had not been politically-corrected from the get-go made me really, really enjoy this one with my son. The first part is basically a Cat-in-the-Hat musical. Yeah, I'm not a fan of musicals, which seem to have gone away in the movies (they've just gotten worse in every other way), but it was very well done. The international hat number is very un-PC, what with the sombrero song for Spain (OK, a little off), and the nonsensical names for the hats of the Eskimos (gasp!) in their igloos (gasp, this is the big one, Elizabeth!) You just can't sing these numbers today, even if you are just a fictional cat in a red and white striped top-hat.

BTW, did you ever want to know the name of that worrywart goldfish? (Actually, he has damn good reasons to be worried!) It turns out his name is Karlos K Krinklebine. That's Karlos K Krinklebine, with initials KKK. I can see the SJWs and PC police going into DEFCON 5 for that one. It's lucky they don't read this here blog - the videos may be recalled.

It seems like we un-PC holdouts are the boy and Sally now in our current-era establishment house, and we are very glad our cntrl-left Big Muthers are away for the day. During their absence, we have Donald Trump coming in like the Cat-in-the-Hat, a big wrecking ball in VDare parlance. Thing's 1 and 2 would be Pepe the Frog, I suppose, and Karlos K. Krinklebine would be the writers at the National Review and the WS Journal. Well, Mom's not home yet. In the meantime, enjoy this old-fashioned fun, and the long weekend! Peak Stupidity out.

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