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Posted On: Friday - June 15th 2018 7:01PM MST
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Pay no attention to the plans that aren't on TV!

This is not an excuse for the lack of posting over the last couple of days here at the Peak Stupidity blog. I used the word "distractions" to apply to TV and all of the Lyin' Press infotainment that is sent out to us continuously in order to distract us from thinking of the small and large chunks of stupidity that are symptoms of the real problems.

In this case, it wasn't that I could not avoid the TV, as posted about previously, here, here, here, and here. This time I was hanging with some friends who were at the time watching TV Pundit Tucker Carlson on the Fox News branch of the Lyin' Press. We have almost solely seen this man on youtube and have been very entertained by his skill in seeing through and pointing out the stupidity of his (mostly) whacked-out cntrl-left guests. Tucker Carlson is Peak Stupidity's # 1 youtube pundit, in fact. The time, though, it was a whole hour show or so that was on, and the talk by Mr. Carlson was about the on-going back-and-forth accusations, subpeonas, and trash talk about the alleged Russian influence in getting Donald Trump elected president.

First off, HOLY COW, I really didn't know for sure that this stuff was still going on! It's been 16 months or so, right? It's only still going on because of the interest of viewers/readers on BOTH SIDES of this episode of stupidity. Now, Peak Stupidity comes down squarely on the side of President Trump, knowing and noting full well that, compared to the influence of Israel (on foreign policy) and Mexico (on domestic policy), any possible Russian influence, even all that is alleged, is KID STUFF. Keep that in mind. However, the details of which lawyers and congressrodents want to fuck which other lawyers and congressrodents in the ass, metaphorically, for the most part, is just something I cannot keep any interest in. I know what the deal is. I can see this big distraction for what it is.

President Trump, being unfortunately a major egotist, has probably exacerbated the whole issue by paying attention to it as much as he has. Sure, he has to defend himself, but,

a) Delegate, delegate, delegate! - that's what a leader does.

b) Were he to get more done for his true-conservative base, and use his bully-tweet-account to get Americans helping him in this regard, as described herein, nobody would care about this fakenews Russian matter.

Mr. Trump is distracted, which is part of the goal of Deep State, cntrl-left, Globalists and Neocons working against him, but the viewers and readers of the Lyin' Press are distracted too, which is much more of a problem. Who has time to learn about all the different flavors of stupidity we are being subjected to daily, after working all those brain cells just to keep up with the lawyers and other shysters that Mr. Carlson was discussing on the idiot box? I sure don't. It's the people that keep these Lyin' Press networks in business that keep the distractions going. We have noted before, over a year ago, that it is probably that all these Lyin' Press organizations may keep going even without monetary support from possible viewers, as Big-Fed-Gov may prop them up, like a plethora of Pravdas. Even if they do, though, the distractions won't matter if we keep away from them.

OK, Tucker, I'll see you on youtube ... for a few minutes of entertainment now and then ... that's all.

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