Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac - Long Distance Dedication

Posted On: Wednesday - June 27th 2018 5:29PM MST
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... to Theranos?

The last post, on Miss Elizabeth Holmes, was a doozy, and I didn't want to make it longer, even though the song title here could be related.

Who knows, really, about this "Gold Dust Woman" Stevie Nicks is on about? I don't even care what the lyrics of most songs are about. With all the musical talent and great sound from Fleetwood Mac during their relatively short time as creative artists, they are no exception. As much as I've insisted before that Christy McVie had the much better voice vs. the more-widely-known Stevie Nicks (of the 2 women singers, that is) the latter sings a great tune here with her much rougher voice. She got the credit for writing the song, but also the Lindsey Buckingham guitar makes this great, especially with the long fade ending.

If I'm gonna relate this song to the story of Therano, I suppose this one verse below should be dedicated to the big-time investors who put their money and soul into the hope that was the whiz-woman-led Theranos:

Did she make you cry,
make you break down,
shatter your illusions of love.
And, is it over now? Do you know how
to pick up the pieces and go home?

From the album Rumours (nope, they didn't have spell-check in the '70's the wogs!):

Peak Stupidity has featured Fleetwood Mac before three times, with Second Hand News, Say you Love Me, and Blue Letter.

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