Boston, Mass and the "Stupid Heard Round the World"

Posted On: Friday - July 6th 2018 2:06PM MST
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Faneuil Hall at the former cradle of liberty:

Yep, you're remembering your 4th grade history correctly, it WAS the "Shot Heard Round the World" as the spark of the American Revolution occured in Boston, Massachusetts, specifically at the first skirmishes with the British Army in Lexington and Concord. I've got one quick question: What the hell happened to these people?! From the forefront of the spirit of freedom and revolutionary fervor, for decades now, Massachusetts, and Boston in particular, has been the hotbed of all things left-wing/Socialist and even Communist. This is the one big city in the US that makes NY city seem like a rock-solid conservative haven (oh, and Bostonians make New Yorkers look positively friendly and hospitable by comparison, too - the term "Masshole" is almost too civil for that crowd)

What flipped around from the founding of the US until, the time of the Kennedies? Was it the Kennedies themselves? "Hey, they* may be Socialists, but they're OUR Socialists!" might have been the thoughts. The Kennedies are mostly not around bothering us now, and the problem has just gotten worse.

Boston is a BIG University town. I mean, there are many dozens of decent-sized colleges. Could that have something to do with it? One quarter of a million students in the Boston area is the number I've found, and out of 7 million people in Mass, that's only 4 % (call it 5 % with students from other colleges in the state). Students, learning in an environment heavily infiltrated by the ctrl-left, lean heavily left, but lots of times they vote in their home states, if at all. When they stick around after college, it becomes a problem, cough, Berzerkely, California, cough, cough ... This may be a small part of the problem, but it's not enough to explain it.

Was it immigration of a mostly new population? Well, there are still lots of people whose ancestors founded our nation still living in Mass, probably more than in most regions. There was the huge influx of the Irish (incl. the Kennedies, of course), and that may have been a big factor overriding the liberty-loving original populace. You'd think the Irish would have been always pretty understanding of the American Revolution, based on their "experiences" with the British. They've all been assimlated over the 150 years, but then that doesn't mean the British-created understanding of rule-of-law, etc. is in them. There are loads of immigrants there now from all over, just like almost everywhere in current-era America, including lots of Brazilians, but also the entire 3rd-world has contingents.

However, this has been going on way before the large level of immigration had it's big effects (beginning in 1965 with the law passed by, you guessed it, one of the Kennedies - the U-boat commander, I believe it was, often called, at least by us, The Lyin' of the Seabed). This state has been supporting everything left of normal America for a century. Just looking at presidential elections (not the be-all-to-end-all, but Peak Stupidity is not a history site), with the exception of 2 Eisenhower terms and 2 Reagan terms, Massachusetts has voted for the D-candidate in all elections since 1924. The place has been ctrl-left for coming up on a century, it seems. One can't blame it on the new people alone.

New England in general is fairly left-wing, with New Hampshire formerly excepted, though not so much anymore with the influx of Massholes. Vermont has always had the Constitutional gun laws (might be changing just now), but has always been Socialist leaning. What's wrong with all these people? I'm picking on Massachusetts due to it being this particular week, with Independence Day and our history with the shot heard 'round the world. The place has turned into one that we may someday ignominiously recall as having ignited "the stupid heard 'round the world".

See, here's just one, a long-term native
from the Warren Nations of the lower Massachusetts:

* BTW, I have much more respect for the ex-President John F. Kennedy than the rest of them, and more than I used to, for that matter. When you compare the man to Richard Nixon in adherence and respect for the US Constitution, JFK comes out way on top. It was the times, of course, too. The candidate JFK would be called far-far-right today, what with his calling for sound money and 40%! tax cuts.

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