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Posted On: Friday - July 6th 2018 4:14PM MST
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This has nothing much to do with the previous post on Boston, Massachusetts, besides the name of the band. The band was from the that city, and an MIT-educated (Master's Degree) mechanical engineer named Tom Scholz was the organizer and leader. With his own equipment, Scholtz created this unique electric-guitar sound that Hitch a Ride here demonstrates the best, in 2 minute long excellent guitar solo that is the 2nd half of the song.

About every song on Boston's self-titled debut album from 1976 is great stuff, and we'll have to put a few more on in the future. Don't let the name of the city deter you from listening!

The following musician list is for the Boston album in general.

Brad Delp – lead and harmony vocals; acoustic guitar on "Let Me Take You Home Tonight"
Tom Scholz – electric guitars, lead guitar, acoustic guitars, clavinet, organ, bass guitar, design consultant, remastering, liner notes, production, engineering
Barry Goudreau – rhythm guitar on "Foreplay," "Long Time" and "Let Me Take You Home Tonight"; lead guitar on "Long Time" and "Let Me Take You Home Tonight"
Fran Sheehan – bass guitar on "Foreplay" and "Let Me Take You Home Tonight"
Sib Hashian – drums except "Rock & Roll Band"
Jim Masdea – drums on "Rock & Roll Band"

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