Creedence Clearwater Revival - Jambalaya

Posted On: Saturday - July 14th 2018 7:03PM MST
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Though this is a cover of a classic Hank William's song, nobody could do a rock vesion BUT John Fogerty and his nothing-but-prolific band (from 1968 - 1972). This video is just up for enjoyment and not apropos of any particular thoughts. It's been a very light week of posting, but coming up next week, at the least, will be discussion of the richest olld people in the world, some immigrant murderers, something about MBAs that I've been meaning to write about, and another fabulous movie review.

Here is CCR's version of Jambalaya - Peak Stupidity has thus far featured the band only once before - see "I'm just a cross-tie walker."

Creedence Clearwater Revival was:

John Fogerty - Vocals, lead guitar
Tom Fogerty - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Stu Cook - Bass guitar, backing vocals
Doug Clifford - Drums, backing vocals

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