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Posted On: Friday - July 20th 2018 5:17PM MST
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MBAs doing their Administrating of Business Masterfully

This is some more stupidity that has existed in the Big-Biz world, at least in the American portion, for a long time. This is just a short post that's been waiting in the wings a while.

Sure, one can come up with a fun take on any acronym or abbreviation - BS, MS, and PhD all have their own. The Masters in Business Administration, or MBA is just one that'd I've had a problem with for long time. It's not your Education Masters ... no, no, nothing that bad. They teach you a little bit hear and there, and if it were just about the beginning (only legitimate part) of economics, some accounting, etc., I feel it'd be a respectable degree, though why Master's level (just normal certificate inflation, I suppose)?

The problem is that MBAs are hired for high-level positions in big business in which the assumption is, because of that "Business" in their degree name, they are assumed to magically just know about ANY business's workings, well enough to run departments! Why, because they know how to make graphs, write reports, kiss ass? There are aspects to most fields of endeavor that can take decades to understand very well. Many of the small tricks, problems, bits of knowledge, etc. can only be learned via working the bottom-level jobs that any particular business is all about. It doesn't have to be an extremely high-tech business, like Boeing's commercial airplane group. It could be a large call-center operation. Who would better really know the problems involved than someone who's been (usually rightfully) harassed-back on the phone every night for the last 6 years?

If it's an auto manufacture, is it really smart to hire an MBA who's run an airline for the last 5 years, and before that, a chain of hair salons? How about a guy who's been on the line, assembling pieces of cars, then doing Q/A for a few years, then working as an engineering/project manager, or maybe as an actual engineer after that? How is going to know what the hell really goes on around the place? Who is hiring these MBA know-it-all? Oh, that's right, it's the HR manager, who, themselves, were MBAs. It's just another of these big clubs, as Mr. Carlin used to say, and if you do a real job, you ain't in this one either.

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