Lefties going to say they're going to start prepping ....

Posted On: Wednesday - December 28th 2016 10:02AM MST
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... for the "Trumpocalypse". Hey, we're in for some bad, bad times to come, Mr. Trump as chief executive notwithstanding. Even Ron Paul would not be able to get us out of the financial pit we are in, but that's for another post to come.

Infowars, quoting Mike Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog says:

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, many liberals all over America have suddenly become extremely interested in prepping.

This would not be a bad thing if these people ever kept their word on anything, like say, going up to Canada and freaking staying there (teach them aboooot some hockey, maybe so the Canadians might welcome them). I'd like to see some of these "folks", if one may call them that, at the gun shows, commenting at Survival Blog(s) about, say, the best way to keep your stored wheat and millet dry, reloading techniques and sources for cheap brass, recycling of car battery lead and bullet molding, solar power circuitry, etc. The impediments to this actually happening are many.

These types do not want to do anything resembling real work - that's the number 1 problem. Then, they are scared of hanging out with people who may say something politically incorrect, as they would not know what to do, and may cry. Lastly, it is entirely possible they may learn something and that is completely anathema to these "folks", as they already know everything (apparently).

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