CCR - "Wrote a song for Everyone"

Posted On: Thursday - July 26th 2018 6:08PM MST
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From a band who made the most great music in only 4 years together that I've ever heard, this one is a ballad. If you are not specifically a Credence Clearwater Revival fan, you may not know this one. It is off of an album called Creedence Country, a compilation released way later than the band's time, in 1981, which really has only 3-4 country tunes out fo the 12 songs. They are Lodi (the only well-known one), Cotton Fields, Lookin' for a Reason, and aguably Cross-tie Walker, the last one featured on Peak Stupidity.

Anyway though it's a ballad, it's still got the great John Fogerty rock voice, and the great guitar. The guitar and bass still sound out during the singing, and, of course, nothing against Doug Clifford on the drums. There's something about this song that just says "1960's turmoil" even though I wasn't there, and it's not real specific in the lyrics. Those guitars have got that great tube-amp sound, and maybe that's the evocative part. I listen to this, and out of nowhere, can just picture a world in which nothing was certain and things were going to change for good or bad soon. It's the situation we are in today, but WHERE IS OUR GREAT MUSIC LIKE THIS?!

"... somebody said it's different now. Look, it's just the same."

Friday - July 27th 2018 10:37AM MST
PS - I just read your link to the background. Thanks. 8-tracks making a big CLUNK in the middle of songs kinda made me wonder why people didn't all switch to cassettes early on!

Yep, I still like to walk the railroad tracks.
Friday - July 27th 2018 5:43AM MST
PS CCR was my go-to band back in the day, but I don't remember that one. It's a great song and there's a little back story at

You can't mistake that sound though. I had a lot of their music, mostly on eight track tapes, which usually didn't hold up more than a couple of years (cursed be their name).

I followed the link to "Cross Tie Walker". Not a great one to me, but like you, walking the cross ties, has a special meaning to me--walking the cross ties with my friend, nothing but air and opportunity ahead of us.
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