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Posted On: Saturday - August 11th 2018 8:52PM MST
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Yeah, Peak Stupidity is keeping up with this case. By "keeping up", we mean that now were are under 2 weeks behind the news on it - versus about 3 weeks behind for the first post on this very strange and interesting news story. BTW, I don't mean to make light of the death of this esteemed doctor via the post title, but alliteration is nice too.

We have retroactively learned on August 1st that the murderer of Dr. Mark Hausknecht was identified as a former sheriff's deputy/constable type who apparently held a grudge for 20 years against the doctor. A number of articles on the story either mistakenly or stupidity state that Dr. Hausknecht did surgery on the suspect's, Joseph Pappas's mother 20 years back, and the mother died in surgery. No, cardiologists don't do surgery. Many are qualified to do procedures (that require a hell of a lot of expertise, BTW!), but they don't cut people's chests open and work on their hearts. That would be a cardiac surgeon, and the victim was not one.

To catch up some more, the alleged killer was cornered at on the run somewhere nearby his neighborhood in Houston, wearing his bulletproof vest and allegedly killed himself. Why do I keep writing allegedly so damn much? This is some fishy stuff here. Does it not make you think of a lower-level JFK/Lee Oswald/Jack Ruby scenario? This is WAS a 65 year-old man, and the guy held his cool for 20 years and then planned this dastardly act this well ... because him mom's surgery didn't go well? Dr. Hausknecht cannot do surgery, as I said, but maybe Mr. Pappas was mad that he recommended the surgery under which his mother died.

Now about this guy's suicide in front of the cops, the NY Post article (last link) says:
The employee called police several times to provide updates on Pappas’ location — allowing an officer to move in on him near the intersection of Bob White Drive and Imogene Street.

Pappas refused to show his hands to the officer and killed himself when a second cop arrived.

Acevedo said a shootout would’ve occurred had cops not cornered Pappas.

“Police had indicated that the man had evidently shot himself, that the police evidently were coming up to him and asking him to put his hands up, and he put one arm up and … evidently the man pulled out his gun and shot himself,” said a neighbor who lives in the quiet residential area.
Hmmm, a cold-blooded killer like this, wouldn't try to shoot his way out? What was the bulletproof vest for? Why would the cornering of the man make him more likely to kill himself only? If he was suicidal, why would he have made such great elaborate plans for this killing, as an assassin would? How many assassins are suicidal? It doesn't seem like a vocation that would appeal to depressed individuals, really.

I don't know, I guess untrue conspiracy theories are formed like this - you've got one idea, new evidence is found or new events happen, and you do what you can to prove yourself right. That could be all this is. Interestingly, as related to my previous remarks on the use of the bicycle (from the 1st article):
On Tuesday,police released another video from a home-security camera that showed the suspect riding his bike in a nearby neighborhood minutes after Hausknecht was shot. The suspect was carrying a green backpack that investigators believe concealed the gun.
It's hard to get away from Big-Brother video anymore - this sounds like it was a typical exurb type of area. It was pretty astute of a homeowner to look through a whole bunch of his video, though no crime was committed on his property, to find a bicyclist on it... almost too astute, if you ask me. (This was without some before-hand knowledge that this guy rode down his street.)

OK, this guy was in great shape, as the article stated, so he wasn't sick and about to die anyway, the supposed grudge was about a 20-year-ago event, and the killing was done expertly. Was he really an "asset" that had done a poor job, or maybe a good job, and had to be silenced, as possibly planned ahead? It's not like I trust a story out of two cops about their part of the story - there's no video on that for some reason.

On the 3rd hand, I will say that this cardiologist treated ex-president Bush (elder one) 18 years ago, and I'm not sure if anytime since than. Why would someone wait until now to bump him off, if it were about his knowledge of some Deep State stuff?

OK, yeah, this is not the JFK assassination, and I'm not Oliver Stone, but it does make me wonder what the heck goes on sometimes.

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