I'm gonna have to believe the Russians anymore it seems.

Posted On: Thursday - December 29th 2016 3:06PM MST
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  The Russians

Who would have thought, even as recently as 20 years back, that libertarian, conservative Americans would side with the Russians, in any kind of dispute with the US Gov't?

I would now believe them over most US Gov't officials or reports from our Gov't media any day of the week. It's pretty damn sad, that.

Here are 4 Zerohedge headlines, all from today:

1) Obama Mocked By Russian Embassy: "Everyone Will Be Glad To See The Last Of This Hapless Administration"

This thing below is from the Russian Embassy, and it's called a Tweet. I guess that means it's some kind of duck - it tweets like a duck, apparently, but heck, I'm not one of those early adopters, so who knows:

2) Russia Warns Of "Proportional Response" To Obama's "Paranoia"

3) US Retaliates Against Russia For "Hacking The Election": Expels 35 Diplomats, Unveils Sanctions

4) Full Statement By President Obama On US "Actions In Response" To Russian Hacking"

I don't see the Russian Gov't and Mr. Putin as particularly good people, but at least they stand up for their countrymen, and they don't spout out the PC crap day and night like our pathetic globalist elites. I'd put some of the Eastern European leaders up top of my list of possibly decent people, also.

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