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Posted On: Tuesday - September 4th 2018 7:46PM MST
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Peak Stupidity could put "boomer" music up every day of the week and we wouldn't run out until well after peak stupidity, believe you me. I use that generational appellation kind of in jest, as some of the young people like to pigeon-hole (now, see, there's a boomer expression) everyone within a, what, 25-year age range? It's not like I've never done that - see Are the millennials Retarded?. Yeah, OK, it's tempting to generalize, but one thing the millenials can't say is that boomer music sucks, such as we can about the worthlessness of today's Billboard top 100 (what? Billboard doesn't exist anymore? But, but, Kasey Kasem said ...")

Nobody can come on here (on the comments perhaps) and tell us that the previous generations didn't make great rock music - listen to Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy, ElO's Time, Billy Joel's The Stranger, or 10,000 other albums and go ahead and write back in the comments (PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO START COMMENTS WITH "PS" IN CAPS for spam control.)

Occasionally, though, something really good gets through from more recent times. In the store, I heard some song with a male high-pitched part that reminded me, and got me struggling to remember this song, as I probably hadn't heard it since it was big in 1999. "like Marlon Brando... something, something... and Aphrodite ..." It took 10 minutes to accumulate enough out of the brain registers to look up "she's so high song", and I GOT IT! This is a good one from one Talmage Charles Robert "Tal" Bachman, a Canadian. I had no memory of that name at all. It turns out this guy is the son of Randy Bachman from both The Guess Who and later Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

Here's She's so High from Tal Bachman:

"She's blood, flesh and bone,
no tucks or silicone.
She's touch, smell, sight, taste and sound.

But somehow I can't believe
That anything should happen.
I know where I belong,
and nothing's gonna happen.
Yeah, yeah

'Cause she's so high...
high above me, she's so lovely.
She's so high...
like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite.
She's so high...
high above me.

First class and fancy free,
she's high society.
She's got the best of everything.

What could a guy like me
ever really offer?
She's perfect as she can be.
Why should I even bother?


She comes to speak to me.
I freeze immediately.
'cause what she says sounds so unreal.

'Cause somehow I can't believe
that anything should happen.
I know where I belong
and nothing's gonna happen.
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah"


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