Is Sarah Jeong of the NY Times tweetworthy?

Posted On: Thursday - September 6th 2018 2:16PM MST
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Miss Sarah Jeong, Freelance Tweeter for the NY Times:

Though the Peak Stupidity blog may not catch up on the tweets from one idiot to another, excuse me, current events, in much of a timely manner, this writer did read about the lady in the above pic, and her racist tweets, and the uproar, or lack-thereof, therefrom (I used to be pre-law) a month back. Steve Sailer, at his iSteve blog on gets on a compulsive roll sometimes (kinda like PS with inflation lately, huh?). He had a series of posts on Miss Jeong, of which this, this, and this are just 3 for starters. (There are at least 3 more - scroll towards 08/02 - 08/04 here.) Mr. Fred Reed* had a fairly good column too, called Cruelty Legitimized. NYT Hires from Caligula’s Basement.. I just don't see a reason to be particularly timely on this. I've got my thoughts though, so here goes:

Yes, Sarah Jeong is this (occasionally) purple-haired ethnic-Korean SJW type who had recently tweeted a series of "I hate white people..." statements that would have caused a white man to go straight to jail or at least get fired, if he'd said the same about purple-haired Korean "gals". I don't really give a damn what the lady tweets. None of this seems to appear in my inbox, my real mailbox, or anywhere else I'm supposed to see it at. It's not a problem for me in that sense.

I don't think it would be a problem for those writers/commenters that I've read on the subject either, but for the fact that Miss Jeong is a writer for the NY Times. "Nobody's got a gun to your head, forcing you to read that rag..." many would say, including Peak Stupidity. However, it's the hypocrisy that has got many upset about this woman's stupidity. She did not get fired from her employer, the NYT, even with this obvious record of "hate" speech (hey, I don't agree with the whole concept; that's why the quotes). That's still the NY Time's business, not mine. The hypocrisy is the guaranteed outrage that the NY Times would have if the situation would have been reversed. Even a dog-catcher, had he tweeted blanket anti-Korean Heets (hate-tweets) of this kind, would have been HOUNDED (I swear I didn't even have to work on that!) out of his job, assuming dog-catching is still a job somewheres.

It's not just hypocrisy that's the problem though. It's the cowardice and stupidity of those that are in the right on the subject of free speech. As an example from ~ 5 years back, you've got your supposedly conservative magazine, The National Review, that fired the excellent writer John Derbyshire for writing a checklist type of column (called The Talk as just advise to family members to avoid being hurt by black thugs. It was a perfectly civil response to some black writer's ass-backwards imbecility in writing something about what black people have to be afraid of from whites, and therefore to avoid them. (yeah, right!!). Was The National Review editor just stupid or more like cowardly? I think it was a bit of both. He was stupid enough to think that Mr. Derbyshire's article didn't belong in his "conservative" publication, but also his cowardice made him fire the man in order to avert the anticipated heat coming down... from, say, the NY Times. The ctrl-left plays hard-ball on the dirt, while the conservatives play whiffle ball on rubber mats. That's why we've got Sarah Jeongs out there spouting anti-white tweets while being gainfully employed by the "paper of record".

There's an immigration aspect to this too, and that's lots of what has angered the folks on the right. This girl was born in America, seems to hate the place, yet doesn't seem to want to go back. If I happened by strange, missionary, or diplomatic circumstances to have been born in China, I can't see myself going around the place writing and talking about how I hate the slanty-eyed Chinamen (and slim-figured Chinawomen), without also seeing myself in a musty non-wifi-enabled dungeon in downtown Peking... if I were lucky! The woman has a lot of gall, I'll give her that ... and stupidity, perhaps in equal amounts.

Lots of the time, when it's women writers coming out with this stuff, it really has nothing to do with any problems she's got with the (for-now still) majority population of her adoptive country. It may have nothing to do with politics. You've seen this business before if you know any women, period (or, for that matter, know any women's periods). It's not just these writers and tweeters. Lots of times with women, the anger is about something TOTALLY unrelated that you'll only begin to hear about after 5 hours of argument, over the course of a week, if you're lucky! Imagine the same deal done via twitter, and you've got one Sarah Jeong. Sarah Jeong, per the articles and comments I've read, liked the white guys romantically. She got dumped at least once, and nobody really likes that. Is that what this brewhaha is all about? Isn't that why we shouldn't care what women think or write on politics, at least women younger than 55. [Editor - when does menopause start and how old is Ann Coulter? STAT!]

Let me put it this way, as a couple of pictures are worth a couple of thousand words, right, and I'm only at a few hundred: Would you receive Miss Jeong's type of tweets from the girl below?:

Not Sarah Jeong

I don't know who she is, but she's pretty damn tweetable.

* Of course, Mr. Reed had to get his digs in against Americans from his bug-out locale. Hey, he's right on the point that most Mexican women are less feminist-brainwashed than American women, but the Americans aren't all Sarah Jeongs either, and, is Sarah Jeong an American anyway? More on Fred Reed. I'm getting sick of him.

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