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Posted On: Saturday - October 6th 2018 11:39AM MST
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As read about first (by me) on VDare in this Jake Bowyer review, Tucker Carlson has a book out called Ship of Fools. The Amazon.com Editorial Staff raves:
Tucker Carlson is the anchor of Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel. He has hosted prime time programs on CNN, PBS, and MSNBC, and cofounded The Daily Caller. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and four children.
OK, I'll grant them that they probably don't even have a copy to review yet (or don't they get advance copies like they used to?), but then 101 "customers" have seen fit to review the book already! Survey says ... 4 1/2 stars.

It's kind of funny how the on-line reviews on, well anything basically, work. I'm pretty sure most of the reviewers haven't read the book. Amazon shows icons for "confirmed purchasers" of whatever items, which is a splendid idea, really, but on these books that doesn't mean even those reviewers have READ the thing. It goes vice versa on that too. I obtained Ann Coulter's Adios America from the library and read it, though, I'll admit here that I "reviewed" it on amazon a few weeks earlier ;-} I did admit that in the review, though, and treated that review as political commentary and just support of Miss Coulter in general. That's what happens, of course, with any deeply political material on amazon. The number of stars has nothing at all to do with whether the book is well-written, interesting or boring, or falls apart in a week. A higher rating means more support for the writer or issue being promoted. The reviews themselves, and comments beneath them, become a blog commenting section.

It's good to see those 4 1/2 stars for Ship of Fools then. From the VDare review linked-to above, this is no light-weight, feel-go, "GO TEAM!" sales pamphlet. The full title of this book is Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution. Per the review, Mr. Carlson is highly critical of both squads of THE PARTY, and comes off slighly left-wing in the old style of caring about the working man while against the F.I.R.E. economy, and to the right socially, especially with regard to the up-and-coming solidarity of beleaguered white people.
For Carlson, moral and social rot in the United States starts at the very top—the place where Democrats and Republicans routinely collude to maintain unpopular elite rule. Carlson compares this American elite to blind drunk captains steering a sinking ship. Making matters worse: the fact that, in keeping with Carlson’s nautical parallel, “Anyone who points out the consequences of what they’re [the elite] doing gets keelhauled.”
I can't argue with Mr. Carlson's and Mr. Bowyer's view of the President either.
"Ship of Fools is no apology for Trumpism. Indeed, Carlson calls Trump “vulgar and ignorant.” But he rightly points out that Trump “didn’t invade Iraq or bail out Wall Street. He didn’t lower interest rates to zero, or open the borders, or sit silently by as the manufacturing sector collapsed and the middle class died.” Basically, Donald J. Trump is not your average American politician. Thank God.
We've neglected our promise to put up Tucker Carlson youtube clips often on Peak Stupidity. I've got two that I want to post on, one an interview with a sympathetic character and one a monologue. The most enjoyable are the ones in which Tucker inteviews the ctrl-left complete idiots, so I'll try to find more of that too.

Please read the entire VDare review, and for that matter, I hope you will read the book, Ship of Fools itself, whenever you actually get it. It sound pretty pessimistic about our country, but I'm pretty sure it'll be largely truth.

In the meantime, here are The Dead with the Jerry Garcia/ Robert Hunter - written Ship of Fools from the From the Mars Hotel album. That album had the song US Blues on it, which Peak Stupidity will keep featuring on each 4th of July.*

It's kind of a slow number, but it'll grow on you well before it's over. This was recorded live in living color Dead Black&White in Jersey City, NJ 42 years ago this summer.

"Went to see the captain, strangest I could find,
laid my proposition down, laid it on the line.
I won't slave for beggars pay, likewise gold and jewels,
but I would slave to learn the way to sink your ship of fools."

* Yeah, that's another repeat piece of some music - the only other I can recall is Neil Young's Cortez the Killer, as mentioned during a visual fisking on Tuesday.

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