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Posted On: Monday - October 8th 2018 7:12PM MST
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I was informed a couple of days back that potential Peak Stupidity readers may be wary of viewing the site due to warnings from the browsers that the site is "untrustworthy". Oh, yeah?! Why there's more truthtelling on Peak Stupidity in one post than Yahoo displays in a year... wait, I shouldn't take this personally. It's about https (uses Secure Sockets Layer) vs http protocol, something on the server side.

The thing is, that I have not noticed anything upon viewing the site myself on various and sundry computers. Even when the writer John Derbyshire mentioned (in one of his podcasts or diaries) that he switched over, I didn't take much heed. However, it was time to do this. All links or requests for the http pages will just redirect to the secure site. Whatever. I was worried about people with very old browsers - and I can't blame them for not updating either - that cannot display the SECURE site. Yes, I've experienced that, so I hope there aren't any loyal Peak Stupidity readers affected.

One more thing with this: I'll have to do a quick find/replace to get the other 95% of embedded youtube videos working. It's very easy, and I should be able to do it tomorrow, CAREFULLY.

We should be back ragging on our blogroll, pondering the question of whether the Republicans really are on our side, as it's seemed for a few days, "trashing" some more environmental stupidity, and on and on, by tomorrow night or so.

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