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Posted On: Monday - October 22nd 2018 7:47PM MST
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The video here is basically a rebuttal of the whole concept of this website. This aggression will not stand, man. We are glad to give the opinions in The Dangerous Tribalism of the Ruling Class by "Blackpilled" Devon Stack, equal time.

Mr. Devon made a very good video, that will keep your interest for the whole 9 minutes. The gist of his view is (right at 4:05 in) is:
What needs to be understood, right now, is that it's not that they're [the elites, or ruling class] too stupid or too cowardly to do the right thing. It's that they ARE doing the right thing. They're just doing it for them ... for their families ... for their culture ... for their societies.
Mr. Blackpilled Devon sees the ruling class as very different from everyone else. He sees us as the honest, hardworking, noble ones. The Globalist elites, the way he describes it, being devious and all-powerful, see us peons in the same way a modern-day cattle farmer sees his cattle, or a kid sees the ants on his toy ant farm.

It's very tempting to believe all of this, due to the good guy/bad guy aspect of it. We are all the good guys in the video, at least you all reading this blog (well, if I do have any Globalist elite readers, welcome, and remember to put capital "PS" before each comment, bitchez.) Peak Stupidity has bad-mouthed the elites of America and most of the world as the bad guys too, I'll admit. However, we see stupidity all around, and we write posts about it whenever we see it (and the mood strikes). I don't think things are quite so cut-and-dried as Mr. Stack's video makes it out, due to:

1) As we discussed in Stupid vs. Evil and long-term conspiracy theories, are there really family's of these elites that are so bright that they plan out what goes on, or have control of events, for periods in the centuries? Nah.

2) Stupidity does not stop at class boundaries. Take the Kennedies, please (oh, you have already, fine ...) Nope, though many are evil, many in these elite classes are just too stupid to do the right thing. Mr. Stack denies that, but then, are all the terrible policies being implemented really good for some of them and their progeny in the long run? I don't think so, but they persist.

3) If these people have been in total control for so long, how do you explain 19th and 20th century America? Is this a new thing? The video maker doesn't go into any history. He describes just the here and now, so I don't know how he reckons things came to be this way.

4) See the quote above. Are they really living in totally separate societies and cultures from us? Sure, the elites are far enough apart to not understand many of the real everyday problems of us peons. They've got islands to go off to, and penthouses up near the 1000' cloud deck. Yeah, but we can reach them just the same. We are not quite like the cattle going into the slaughterhouse. God created man, and Sam Colt made them equal.

Please view this one, even though this guy could put us out of business, with his 35,000 views:

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