Cavavan of the Sinners?

Posted On: Thursday - October 25th 2018 11:53AM MST
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or Camp of the Saints?

We're all sinners, but these aren't all saints either.

Invasion via The Caravan:

Invasion a la Le Camp des Saints:

Peak Stupidity discussed the great, prophetic book, The Camp of the Saints by Frenchman Jean Raspail, as a review of a review. Here is the original very good review by Chris Roberts, an American Renaissance writer, on VDare. As mentioned in yesterday's post on President Trump and the Carvan, the whole episode is strikingly similar to the story in Jean Raspail's book. A comparison can be made not just between the specific events involving these caravans to the voyages by boat in the book, but the general attitude and cowardliness/powerlessness of the population is exactly as that author described 43 years ago.

These 7000 people, and that of the last one, are not the real problem. In a way, I think the pro-immigration-invasion ctrl-left and globalists may think this is just as good a thing for publicity as the right does? Why? The more numerate, but maybe more ill-informed, people on the right, can see a number like 7,000 and go "oh, that's just the size of a small town, or 5% of my city. It's not that bad really, worst case." without knowing the everyday numbers that are much much larger. The everyday numbers can be compared better to the million or so that are enroute to France on a few dozen (if I recall correctly) big junker ships in a kind of caravan in the novel, out of a French population* of 50-odd million at the time. (This could have been written in that previous post, so excuse the digression.)

The similarities I'm writing about are with the way the population, in 1975 France (both in the novel and reality) and current-day America, have been pushed into a state of extreme political correctness. No doubt, many would rather beat beat over the top of the head with a 2 x 4 (actually, a 1.5 x 3.5, so not quite so bad!) than get called a racist. Yes, that's what it's come to. It's that, along with a very welcoming and forgiving attitude that works fine in a unified society, but no much when we are all being taken advantage of. The Lutheran refugee resettlement groups, the stupid/evil ones creating the Sanctuary Cities policies, and the rest of the Snowflakes of all sorts are not just being taken advantage of. They are taking advantage of the rest of us who know better via the shaming. (Don't believe it? Speak up in one of the hearings then, and you'll know what I mean. Don't mind being shamed? GOOD ON YA! Welcome to the party pal, and we need more like you.)

The political and social climate is very much like that in the 1975 novel. Not many want to stand out and be known as a guy who HATES! HATES! HATES! these people. Here's what it really comes down to at the basic level. Our society is very feminized. One of the female traits is great compassion. That is a good within the family or tribe and sometimes without. However, the female sort is NOT known for the hard, cold calculating rationality of the male. That's OK, they just shouldn't be running things. Think of the courts. What is that saying about "justice tempered with mercy"? All mercy and no justice is a very bad thing.

Our society at this point needs to revert back to being run via the male traits of sometimes-very-tough choices made for the good of the family, tribe, and country. What good is compassion when it's tempered with stupidity? That's what we've got now. Most of the compassionate people (I'm leaving out the evil ones often behind the scenes) pushing for open borders have no idea of the raw numbers. There are 1 and a quarter Billion people in Africa, and it's rising rapidly. Though America's problem (just due to numbers, not the worst case population type) is mostly Hispanics, and in The Camp of the Saints it was dot-Indians, nowadays in Europe it's Moslems and Africans. Take the latter, as an example: The compassionate types in Europe, led by the Commie Merkel (see also here), have no idea that if they took all that want to come,THEY WILL THEN BE AFRICA. Even if 1/2 wanted to stay behind, a majority of the continent would then be Africans. Yet, I don't see an awful big crowd of Europeans moving to Africa so they can be there right now instead.

We are in the same situation here. Compassion tempered with wisdom would let one think about the future of one's own. It really needs to be drilled into the snowflakes, especially of the female persuasion: "What kind of place do you want your children and grandchildren to live in? Don't you have any compassion for them?" Dad always said, "take care of number 1 first. You are number 1." Family can come next, then your country. How could we have gotten to where people don't undestand this. From Chris Roberts' VDare review comes this quote:
β€œIn this curious war taking shape, those who loved themselves best were the ones who would triumph.” – Jean Raspail

* Very interestingly, a table on this wiki page shows that the French population stayed extremely stable at 40 +/- 2 million throught the entire 1st half of the 20th century. It then proceeded up by right at 10 million in the 2 decades from 1955 to 1975 when Mr. Raspail wrote the novel. That's near 25%, very likely a part of the inspiration for this novel, since these number were not just French indigenous growth but immigration, and births therefrom, from their former colonies in the 3rd world.

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