Everybody Must Get Stoned

Posted On: Wednesday - November 7th 2018 2:22PM MST
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Typical college town, this one not in the Gator Country:

This is a funny story from this Steve Saiiler post based solely on an idiotic, lying tweet by the actor who is Kumar, from the Harold & Kumar series of movies, which are pretty funny from what I've seen. Are Harold & Kumar the '00's version of the 1970's Cheech & Chong set of stoners? We neither know nor care, but granted, funny is funny. However, as Peak Stupidity has frequently noted, the ability to spout out movie lines with the appropriate emotion, just like the ability to sing in a rock band, does not make one an expert in damn thing. In his tweet though (we have not been down to Western Union to pick up our copy, is why it's not displayed here), Mr. Kal Penn, aka, Kumar, claims that he was stoned at the University of Florida, former top party school and top of the Gator Country.

No, no, readers, don't get me wrong. That does not SOUND like any kind of lie. You cannot NOT get stoned if you spend any time at the University of Florida. It's just that Mr. Penn, claims a different kind of stoning was involved. Republicans apparently threw rocks at him back in 2008, as he came to visit to help campaign for Øb☭ma. It's just that nobody's heard or read a thing about it until this Lyin' Tweet. Steve Sailer can come up with a lot better snark than your humble Peak Stupidity lead-poster, so:
Oddly enough, this vicious 2008 rock-throwing Republican assault on a movie star (Kumar from the Harold & Kumar movies) doesn’t appear to have gotten any media attention whatsoever before Penn’s tweet today.

Here’s a 2008 local newspaper account of Kal Penn’s late August visit to the U. of Florida that leaves out all mention of any stoning of the celebrity, probably due to some sort of Republican conspiracy that controls the media. (I can’t find any news coverage saying he came back in November 2008.)
I’m not a geologist, but does Florida even have a lot of rocks conveniently at hand for throwing at saintly Obama celebrity supporters? Isn’t Florida mostly made out of mud and sand?
See now that's a damn good point. Excepting a small bit of north-central Florida, which may or may not include Gainsville*, but includes Talahassee and such, the place is nothing but a big flat sandbar. One would expect "Kumar" to get stoned in the once sense, but it would not be at all easy for him to get stoned in the Old and New Testament sense:

They'll stone you when you're campaigning on the quad ...

Now, with that humorous piece of stupidity behind us, this post will have a 2nd part related to the election (just finished and others too). With the tie-in to the college campaign of that Kal Penn - no, it's NOT a dog food - twit's tweet, a commenter had mentioned the hard-left voting patterns of college towns in general. That would be a nice easy job for an enterprising mapmaking blogger at some point, to show these islands of socialism in oftentimes conservative areas of the country.

I see this blue pond, or even blue lake, depending on how big the school and town/city, effect in every big University town. It probably matters a whole lot that the voting age is 18, as opposed to 21 before Amendment XXVI was ratified in the summer of 1971. For a big school, that’s a lot of lefty votes that would not have been there 47 years ago, as students of that age tend to lean that way.

The biggest cause, though, is that many more of the hard-lefties and weirdos tend to stay around their university towns than the conservatives. The ctrl-left tend to be in majors for which there are not that many jobs outside of government and the universities, including their alma mater. Granted, not that many of the "studies" and other humanities majors will get the academic positions at their own colleges. Things aren't usually done that way. However, there are thousands of other positions as adjunct instructors, and assistant deans of this or that, that these MS and PhD graduates will take to stay out of the real world, maybe forever (OK, until Peak Stupidity). If not that, you will find them staying in town to work those barista jobs at the coffee shops (see also, here). On the other hand, the conservatives, most with better job prospects, may need to move on for work and later move OUT a ways for the kids' sake.

The huge influx of foreign, especially Chinese students into the universities does not help matters. Whenever they first get a chance to, if. they stay, then their votes will lean fairly heavily left nowadays, excepting when the candidate does not uphold policies that are particularly good .. for the Chinese.

I had a landlady when I was in college in a pretty left-wing area. She reminded me (nicely) on voting day “could you please vote against those (certain particular) city councilmen? They are just Communists!” Well, I had no problem voting against Commies, even back at that age, but I can’t remember if I thought “I have no idea who they are, so I shouldn’t vote in those races.” or trusted her judgement, or else forgot about that, and just worried about the national/state elections. Either way, I think now that that lady was probably pretty far left in her time. Perhaps she was getting what she deserved, as now that she (and her husband, who seemed a conservative guy) had this big house in a nice area near campus, all of a sudden she didn’t like socialism and big taxes!

PS: I did THINK about including the appropriate Bob Dylan song here, but that one is kind of a novelty song, and it's not a good tune really. I like to put only really good songs up here on Peak Stupidity.

* Yes, excepting the blue island of Gainsville, this part of Florida is in the South. Florida is the only state of the union in which one must head north to get to the South.

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