Had it up to here with these messy, dirty rat bastard ...

Posted On: Monday - January 2nd 2017 9:23AM MST
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... squirrels, I'm writing about. (Why, who'd you think?). Where I live, these creatures - to be generous - are real troublemakers. Besides taking all the nuts off the trees way before they are ripe, they can chew through wiring, and they have been making stashes of their current nut holdings in and among storage boxes all around.

You try to shoot some, and then you feel bad looking at them. Poisoning will be my new method soon, and what everyone, including we at peakstupidity.com, needs to remember about these squirrels is that they are nothing but bushy-tailed rats. That's all they are - members of the disease-carrying, tree-hugging, wire-chewing, long-despised, dysfunctional RODENT family. There, now I'm ready to take them out.

"If I get stoned and chew wires all night long, it's a FAMILY TRADITION!" (h/t Hank, Junior)

We were able to shoot one red burning-ball of a roman candle right up into the nest in a tree one year on July 4th. The nest lit-up, the bushy-tailed rats started bailing, and then the whole thing smoked for 10 minutes. It was a scene, man!

OK, I'm setting up a topic key called Curmudgeory right after this post - there's gonna be a lot of stuff in it ;-}

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