The Eagles - In the City and lack of a better post.

Posted On: Wednesday - November 28th 2018 5:20PM MST
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Come on, Eagles, could you Take it Easy?

I had a good humorous post coming, based on the Eagles song above that they will not let anyone keep up. (Well, yeah, there is the one concert version, in which YOU CAN'T HEAR SQUAT, that comes up on top, and then one with a computer voice saying the lyrics - who does that?!) Are the remaining Eagles that hard up on money that they need to sell a $0.99 copy of The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks every 2 or 3 days, so they don't want Peak Stupidity to get ahold of it? These guys could say "hell froze over"* again, and regroup and make a million bucks a piece anytime they want. I noticed that it was hard to get 2 other songs before when I needed them for this blog, The Last Resort, and Already Gone. Both, however, appeared on youtube long after my posts were written and read. OK, then, I'll check every once and a while if this song appears and write the post.

While searching for 15 minutes, I did decide that The Long Run album, their last album before they split up*, had some other great songs. This one, In the City, was sung by a sort of part-time member of the band who I believe became full-time on that Long Run tour. Joe Walsh, featured here, with one of his solo numbers, was one of the many 1970's Southern California music artists, lots of whom hung out and helped each other in various ways with the music. He's got a unique voice, and doesn't it sound like he's singing this from across the street?

The Long Run album was made well past the phase in which the band made the great country rock. That stuff was influenced by the banjo player/singer Bernie Leadon, who had left the band before Hotel California. In addition, IMO, the bassist Randy Meisner had a mellow country-like influence too, and he left the band after Hotel California to be replaced by Tim Schmidt.

It was impossible to top the great songs of the Hotel California album, but this one wasn't half bad. The band playing on The Long Run album and tour was:

Don Felder – guitars, organ, backing vocals
Glenn Frey – guitars, keyboards, vocals
Don Henley – drums, percussion, vocals
Timothy B. Schmit – bass guitar, vocals
Joe Walsh – guitars, keyboards, vocals

* Because the band was full of artists that were talented enough to be stars in their own rights, there was much rivalry and animosity, especially once they went to the top of the charts, as they say said. When they broke up after this album, one of them had answered a question about getting back together with "yeah, when hell freezes over." They've gotten together since to do tours and make the big bucks, most memorably in the mid-1990's with the "Hell Freezes Over" album. Sure, they could do it again and sell out the shows.

Friday - November 30th 2018 3:34AM MST
I will never forget the first time I heard "Eruption/Running With the Devil". In my HS parking lot with a little buzz on in my friends car with a blasting stereo. Totally blew me away and I was hooked.
Thursday - November 29th 2018 8:20PM MST
PS: I liked Van Halen quite a while after I liked The Eagles. The hard rock took longer for me to "get", I suppose, than the (originally) country-rock Eagles sound.

Yeah, I had no problem searching for either song, but for some reason, certain ones of their songs have just been taken down, or, as you can see from that small screenshot off youtube, made to not play in the US. Like they REALLY NEED THAT EXTRA MONEY, right?

Thanks for reading, Dtbb.
Thursday - November 29th 2018 5:37AM MST
Oops. I misunderstood which song you were trying to feature. I remember "The Long Run" back in HS. It received massive radio play in my area but I wanted more Van Halen!
Thursday - November 29th 2018 5:27AM MST
The song "In the City" ia a Joe Walsh composition used originally as the theme song of the movie "The Warriors". Maybe you can find it that way?
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