We're detecting an increase in the stupid, Mr. Sulu ...

Posted On: Friday - November 30th 2018 8:05PM MST
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... and it's emanating from right here at the helm.

Ex-Starship Enterprise Helmsman Sulu, otherwise known as George Takei, has had some strange emanations of stupid, which may require his removal from not just the starship fleet, but possibly this instance of the universe itself. Peak Stupidity spent some time on the Holo-deck researching naked instances of young Uhura George Takei tweets and came upon a cloud of stupid never before explored in the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Bring it up on the big 19" CRT screen, Mr. Spock:

This from a guy who complains about having to lower phaser setting to stun?

First, as a slight aside, but completely stupidity-oriented, this was perhaps the first time I'd viewed an actual twitter page without getting to it by accident. What a clusterfuck that whole twitter thing is! I can't tell who's replying to whom, who's following this other guy, and how the hell people could possibly want to waste their lives by sending out this crap every 5 or 10 minutes. As the evil side of Captain Kirk admonished his audience at the convention, "Get a life, people!"

Anyway, Mr. Takei is apparently as lefty as they come. That's to be expected in the entertainment industry, but during the latest infotainment on our ongoing southern-border invasion, this man tweeted his stupidity about it for all to see. (Well, I didn't directly, but it came up under a Steve Sailer post.) The guy's freakin' Japanese, for crying out loud, and has got to know some history of the Pacific Theater of WWII. As an American born to Japanese parents he was interned during that war in Arkansas and California and had an aunt and baby cousin blown/burned up in Hiroshima. He's got to know something about violent weapons, and tear gas (CS gas) doesn't compare to any of that from the brutal island war in the Pacific. Whose side is he on? Oh, I guess that pretty well explains the internment camps - one thing FDR might have gotten right, then.

Is is because he's gay? I've not met a single gay person who is any kind of true conservative. Mr. Takei should have admired the tolerance in this country even in the late 1960's when Star Trek ran on TV with a Diverse crew, before diversity was ever made up and forced down American's throats. The agenda was "hey, all the nations of Earth will get together, people now, people now, and boldly go forth ..." Tell you what, without those white guys designing and running those ships like the USS Enterprise nobody would have been boldly going anywhere, even on TV.

Was the crew of the Enterprise under the "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" policy already in 1966? Did the crew, or even the audience, know that Mr. Sulu was gay? Not that it mattered a whole lot, but it would fit in with the diversity and leave more hot aliens for the Captain, Science Officer (though not very good with the ladies), Head of Engineering, and Bones to bone. Speaking of TV shows with gays, a decade later, there was a show called Three's Company. In this comedy show, Jack Tripper shared an apartment with 2 lovely ladies, one arguably a good bit hotter than the other. Jack, however, had to appear gay to his landlords, so they would not think anything romantic was going on, even though he wasn't getting any anyway, at least on-screen ... no off-screen either from any ladies, as the actor John Ritter is gay himself. That's real irony, come to think of it.

A gay actor pretending he's pretending to be gay. That was easy!

Oh, back to Mr. Sulu and the US Southern so-called border, rather than hear from this dipshit helmsman, let's see what the Captain has to say. Come in, Captain, is there any intelligent life down there?
"Mr. Spock, are you detecting mariachi music on the scanners? I’m seeing lots of … fake IDs … people mooching off welfare…. claiming … erroneous deductions … swamping the …. Mr. Spock, do you read? swamping the emergency roo … ugghhh … detecting 0.45% blood ... alcohol levels, ... Scotty … must. .. close … the …. uhhhggh… border ….

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