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Posted On: Monday - December 3rd 2018 7:31AM MST
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Peak Stupidity has a special interest in China. Therefore, we broke our "to hell with Fred Reed" shunning to read and comment on 3 Reed columns written about his observations from a 2-week trip to the Middle Kingdom (he went to Chengdu, which is not exactly in the middle of the Middle Kingdom, but a great big city, anyway.) Mr. Reed's first two travelogue-type columns, here and here did not have his usual vitriol against Americans in general, but the 3rd one, along with repeating some of that usual "Americans are bad, mmmkaaay." business, also has a STATIC view of the political situations in China and America, but more on that in another short post to come later.

I don't think I can sum up the reasons for China's rapid economic rise, including the AMAZING build-out of infrastructure, any better than China ex-patriate commenter Da Wei:
As an Old Timer White Privileged Good Ol’ Boy American Working Man who’s lived in China for nearly 12 years now and not around ex-pats either, but with Chinese, I offer these additional possibilities for China’s advance:

1) No PC;
2) No FED;
3) No IRS;
4) No BLM
5) No hard-ass cops and no reason to have them;
6) No kissing Israel’s ass. Period.;
7) No mention of Marx and the boys or sign of what you would call “Communism”;
8) No welfare give-aways or victimhood;
9) No whining, entitled, fat-ass affirmative action;
10) No massive, oppressive war industry economy and no fighting of Israel’s wars anywhere at all or in any way.

Instead, you see stoic self reliance, self respect and a willingness to work, a “market economy” just as we used to see it in the USA. Now, what’s caused the change? What should we get rid of in the US to get back on track?

P.S. China ain’t perfect, mind you. There are plenty of flaws. It’s an imperfect world anywhere you go, but the good ol’ USA could take some pointers.
What can I say, but "Fuckin-A, Da Wei!"

More on China shortly, along with the continuation of Ronnie v. Donnie, and various and sundry small forms of stupidity ...

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