Where in the world is Carmen San Diego GHW Bush's body?

Posted On: Thursday - December 6th 2018 4:57PM MST
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[Obscure early-'90's CD-ROM software reference there - Good luck with that - Ed]

Correct answer: Who Cares?

Ex-President GHW Bush at 90 y/o:

(Yeah, he was probably a fun guy. I'll give him that.)

I thought that this post would be most untimely, as it's pretty late for breaking news. Yeah, ex-President George H.W. Bush has died. I! GET! THAT! Lucky for Peak Stupidity, I'd glanced at the TV while traveling today, and Lo and Behold, there he was again, being buried! Was it file footage, or was this funeral today? I'm sure the astute reader knows the answer already ... I don't care!. What is this deal about going on for a week about some guy who was chief executive of the executive branch of the US Feral Gov't 26 years ago?

I'm going to bring up a post written here when John McCain, then sitting Senator from Arizona, died this summer, called Juan McAmnesty, Rot in Place. To quote that post's quote of another post (whewww!):
It'd be one thing if he were just a retired, possibly reclusive old man living out his life by this point. I wouldn't go into mourning for his death IN ANY SENSE, but I couldn't see any reason to write or say much about it besides "hey, John McCain (Ted Kennedy) died, did you hear?" That's not the case. This guy was a US Senator, one out of 100, and one of the most influential ones, until the day he died. If his dying is the only way for Americans to be rid of his influence and power, then, yes, I'm glad he died!
So, that's just it regarding Mr. George H.W. Bush. I'm not glad he died. He was a human being, at this point in time (well before whenever it was he died), a retired gentleman living his life out, and kind of a fun one at that. The more I've learned about this guy since the time of his Presidency, the more I know he was part of the Deep State/Neocon efforts (even, if unintended) in the destruction of this country. He's not been in power to do more of that, so, if he died, he died ... whatever, as they say.

As a sort-of obituary here, let me write a few things about the man that I know. I can tell you that I never voted for the man. In 1992, I voted for the proto-Trump (though quite smarter) Ross Perot. What happened 4 years before that, to cause me to vote L (Libertarian) was, in a way, kind of prophetic regarding the future and especially the Bush family. I can remember quite clearly to this day, that I saw a quick cut on TV showing candidate GHW Bush speaking for less than a minute in Spanish to a crowd. "WTF?" was my first thought, and my 2nd: "Why is he pandering to foreigners?", and my 3rd: "If the audience is not foreigners and this is in the US, then why can't these people assimilate and speak English?" That was enough - no vote for the guy outta me, though he won, as I recall.

Mr. Bush was the last 1/2-way dignified US President, if that matters in this day and age. He was most obviously a smart man, and his supposed conservatism, and after 8 years of President Reagan, made us figure that the decent times would continue. The Cold War was almost over, a very sudden thing that would not have been expected even 3 years earlier. That would provide a peace dividend that should let Bush bring the military home, save money after the USSR-destroying military build-up, and maybe even get the budget balanced.

What did Mr. Bush do with the big peace dividend, in terms of both goodwill and (theoretically) extra money that did not need to be used to defend the entire 1st world anymore? He blew it all to hell with this New World Order crap. It’s not like I heard that term but the one time, and I was paying attention to politics then too. Was it orders from the Deep State? I mean, no self-respecting American would have thought "New World Order” was anything good for the U.S. of A.

President Bush got a big lift in support from Gulf War(1) as Americans WERE gung-ho about it, but that was just because it was a chance to see the great firepower that had not been used against Soviets (thankfully), and it was such a wipe-out that hardly anyone knew an American killed there. Lastly, it made people feel very good about the future where the “good guys” had the upper hand everywhere. We didn’t know the good guys were supposed to continue waging war all around the world .. not the plan, far as I knew. The Neocon stuff, such as the boxing in of Russia, the FORMER USSR now, by NATO, started with this guy. NATO should have been disbanded by this Commander-in-Chief, instead, as a relic of the Cold War. The Neocon stuff was just cranking up during the beginning of the 1990's, and Peak Stupidity and lots of other conservatives sure didn't see it coming.

Mr. Bush's CIA background, from way back, well before he may have been quite involved in the Reagan assassination attempt warning in early 1981, is something that didn't seem a problem to me at the time. I do remember though, an aunt, as left-wing as they come (people, not specifically aunts), tell me what she though of George HW Bush pretty early on. Though she was a lefty, she liked Ronald Reagan as a man, nonetheless, but thought Bush was just "scary". Was that some kind of women's intuition? (No, it still doesn't mean they should be voting.) I thought about this many years later, with more understanding of this Deep State stuff.

As I wrote way above, I always liked this President based on personality. I did like that he jumped out of an airplane on his birthday at 90 y/o.* Throwing up on a Japanese politician was pretty cool, I suppose, though not really in-line with the whole dignity thing. Speaking of that, I enjoyed his way of speaking about “that Act-Up** crowd”, haha, and still remember the “wouldn’t be prudent” imitations on SNL.

Yeah, that's all the memories for now. I am so thankful for not having to put up with the TV infotainment regarding an ex-President dying. Has it been a week again, as with McAmnesty? Come-on, people, we don't' have Kings and Queens here, so the guy's position was simply chief administrator of the executive branch. Are we going to put the flags at half-mast for every chief executive and his brother? We may as well keep them at half-mast, or just get shorter flagpoles. I guess this is just the Government Media's usual way of showing how big and important THE STATE should be to us American subjects.

* Sure, in the picture above, it's just a tandem jump, meaning the guy doesn't really have to do much but move out of the plane correctly and put his feet on the ground, but heck, he was 90. Wow!

** Funny, I've never forgotten that line, but had no idea until reminded, who that Act-Up "crowd" was ... just as well.

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