Pearl Harbor attack - 77 years ago

Posted On: Friday - December 7th 2018 9:22PM MST
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The "day that will live in infamy", per the words of US President-at-the-time Franklin Roosevelt, is still remembered by some, such as we here at Peak Stupidity, I doubt there are so many who would understand the infamy part, as 77 years is ancient history for the younger people, and the Japanese of today don't seem to be the same as the brutal, viscous, Emporer's armed forces of 1941 (and right up to the point of being bombed to the stone age in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the summer of 1945).

There is lots of writing that discuss the possible reasons or even justifications for this attack. The President FDR seemed to want to get America into WWII to help the English, though a big share of Americans wanted to stay out of it. He and the Feral Gov't of the time may have not only tried to box in the Japanese with trade policy, but there is lots of information out there that says the President had warnings ahead of time, but wanted this attack to start the war ... shades of 9/11 there.

That back story nonwithstanding, this was a terrible attack on those sailors, soldiers and airmen, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii that December day of 1941. Over 2,300 were killed, and > 1,100 were wounded. 97% of the mostly men killed were military personnel. Survivors of Pearl Harbor would have to be at least 95 y/o or so now. One wonders what they might think of today's America, and whether that big nasty war was worth it.

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