History's rhyming - 1/2 or full century meter?

Posted On: Saturday - December 8th 2018 2:49PM MST
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Is it the same-old-same-old, 1/2 century later?

More thoughts on the ctrl-left violence that's been escalating over the last 2 or 3 years in America came while I was writing the previous post on the verdict in the James Fields (Charlottesville street battle) trial. Back in March of this year, Peak Stupidity posted a 6 part series - "There's battle lines being drawn" (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6), comparing the political violence occurring nowadays to that of 1/2 century ago, during the famed '60's. We also speculate on how this new bout will turn out.

The image above does show a car being blocked, or so it seems. There were protests, and there was tear gas sprayed around. Some people did beat on each other. Are current events nothing but a repeat, but without the great music? I wasn't there, but sure did read and hear more stories of what went on when it was a lot fresher in people's memories. Though most of the protesting was peaceful back then, especially as the hippies did not go for the antifa look, methods, and utter stupidity, there was, of course, quite a bit of violence. People took over university buildings, and they did block roads, as now, but, no there are a couple of major things that are different now.

The first big difference between the '60's political protest scene and that of the '10's is that back in the day, The Establishment was not of the left. The institutions of America had not yet been infiltrated by the long march of the left yet (though they sure were cranking it up then). R or D, people in charge of governments were hard-core conservatives compared to today. Read about California Governor Ronald Reagan TAKING BACK OVER the Univ. of California, Berkeley some time. University administrators may have wanted to appease the students, but they were not yet down with the stupidity. The press had an agenda already by the 1960's but they were not the completely one-side Lyin' Press of today.

Finally, as related to this sickening James Fields verdict, the justice system was in no way a tool of the left. Rule of law, due process, and, hell, even the US Constitution, were taken very seriously by the conservatives that ran the institutions. The left could take advantage of that when protesting and/or getting arrested when getting violent, but it wasn't run by them. See, they don't care about rule-of-law and due process, now that they are running the show. That's not something that one shouldn't have seen coming a mile away.

The second big difference is that America now is a collection of diverse people and diverse ways of life that in no way resembles the America of 1968. (The Ted Kennedy sponsored, LBJ-signed immigration act of 1965 had not resulted in much accumulation yet in 3 years.). Though millions of Americans were against the Vietnam War, wanted some kind of "civil rites" for "fairness", wanted to take drugs without hassle, etc, the country was still very united culturally in so many ways. (See, that was the result of it being > 40 years since the severe-curtailment of immigration due to the immigration bill of 1924.). Granted there were hard-core anti-Americans, including, but not limited to, Communists behind the scenes. However, the "shock troops", the guys running around in the streets and blocking cars, that was, did not HATE America and Americans. One could more likely peacefully talk over the issues with them once everyone washed the tear gas out of their eyes. Yes, these protesters wanted some changes for the good, and stupidly lots more for the worse, as taught to them by the guys behind the scenes. However, almost every man and hot, albeit smelly, hippie-chick on the street cared for his country.

We are not in this situation today. The antifa in Charlottesville would never have been interested in a peaceful back-and-forth discussion of heritage and the value of the General Lee statue in the part that summer day. They were only interested in putting down any peaceful resistance to their agenda from the alt-right. They knew that any police action was going to be in their favor, as it was right from the beginning. (Please read some on the events that day, even if just in that
same article.) As for the 2nd difference, most of the ctrl-left today have been steeped-in, if not brainwashed about, all things American being hateful, and white people being the cause for all the ill in the world, for minumum 13 and up through 18 years. They don't like anything about this country and want it destroyed. Again, this is the attitude of the shock troops on the streets, not just the evil bastards behind the scenes, as has always been the case.

I'm of the opinion that this rhyming of history that we are seeing is not a rhyme of 1/2 century ago, but more like of a complete century in a different locale. That's be the Germany of the 1920's and '30's. It's not exactly the same, and that's why they* say history doesn't repeat, but sure does rhyme.

The "boxing into a corner thing" is not just in the realm of violent acts on the streets. It's also a more large scale thing, as I mentioned in the previous post (near the end). The Communists, along with, unintentionally(?), the victors of WWI had made it hard for the Germans to get their economy out of a deep quagmire and to live normal lives. The Communists wanted badly to make Germany into another USSR of some type (just experimenting, you know, to see if it results in that Utopian working-man's society). Just as today, the left calls the conservatives names** and puts forth all the lies, making it unreasonable for normal people to defend themselves peacefully. That first verse has been already read .... how will the second one go?

This 5 minute video (thanks to unz commenter "Wayfarer" for finding it) explains why the right better understand that the left is beyond being reasoned with nicely:

I'd almost forgotten, but the Peak Stupidity blog featured another "Black-Pilled" video by this Mr. Devon Stack less than 2 months back. The guy makes some powerful points, and he gets lots of views. (I suppose I should join his "channel" or whatever you do.)

* Somebody that I can look up later, sorry!

** No, they couldn't use fascist or Nazi just yet.

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