Therapy for our hard-working Lyin' Press

Posted On: Wednesday - December 12th 2018 7:10AM MST
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Well, the Peak Stupidity blog has been trying very successfully to avoid the Lyin' Press infotainment, in all it's forms. I find it amazing that the last time I even so much as glanced at any of the reporters, talking heads, or newspaper headlines and had to put up with anything regarding THE RUSSIANS! was 1/2 year ago, yet, apparently this ginned-up BS is still going on!

Per commenter Lurker on, the folks that are still truly worried about THE RUSSIANS! may be well-advised to enroll in some psycho-therapy sessions. Apparently, they've got new methods now, but some of the well-paid illustrious members of the Lyin' Press should easily be able to afford that old stand-by, electro-shock therapy. AC/DC, 2-phase/3-phase, 115 kV to as low as 220V, there are protocols for everyone now. It sure couldn't hurt, right?

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