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Posted On: Friday - December 2nd 2016 6:31PM MST
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While not the kind of consistent, erudite, and funny comments that can be read at zerohedge, youtube often has some funny stuff. Here's a great song from the '70's you won't hear much elsewhere along with a comment at which I LLOL'd (Literally Laughed Out Loud):

Riff Raff2 weeks ago

Great, all this time in my mind's eye I thought some hot foxy southern chick from the Ozarks was singing this song. Now I'm almost questioning my sexuality as if I don't have enough crap to deal with. Thanks for nothing Black Oak Arkansas!

Ha, ha, I also always had thought it was a chick singing, but, hey what does Black Oak Arkansas got to do with it (though I could see the confusion).

I really like this verse that was not in the single version (i.e. played on the radio at the time):

Every day, in your indigo eyes
I watch the sunset but I don't see it rise
Moonlight and stars in your strawberry wine
You'd take the world but you won't take the time

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