Bodhisattva by Steely Dan

Posted On: Thursday - January 3rd 2019 8:23PM MST
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According to a great guru who lives on a virtual hill sitting perfectly still, and goes by the name of Wiki, Bodhisattva is a state of being that can result in obtaining buddhahood in one lifetime. That's buddhahood, not bruddahhood, for our differently-ethniced readers.

You may or may not have to be on some strong drugs that can only be made in a laboratory to obtain these goals of higher conciousness (ask these guys). Steely Dan, however, made Bodhisattva with a great melody, excellent guitar work, and a great bebop jazz sound. The lyrics are a reminder that we must apparently get rid of lots of our stuff to get into the Buddhism thing. Indeed, I could see a much higher state of consciousness in myself were I to get rid of certain time-consuming vehicles.

Peak Stupidity has featured Steely Dan before with their title song from the album Aja, Black Cow from that same album, and Dr. Wu from the album Katy Lied

Here is Bodhisattva, off of Countdown to Ecstasy, from these musical geniuses as played 45 years ago:

I'm gonna sell my house in town.
I'm gonna sell my house in town
And I'll be there
to shine in your Japan,
to sparkle in your China.
Yes I'll be there.

Got distracted today from the serious posting, but I did want to get that Rocky Horror pic off of the top, Peak Stupidity being a family site and all.

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