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Posted On: Tuesday - January 8th 2019 7:12PM MST
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From the comments section under a post on, while totally unrelated to the topic, a comment contained the hilarious video presented here. We have written some doctor-humor posts before, in Docs on Bikes, Addendum, Doctor Talk, and Send in your payment - STAT! (more doctor stories). This commercial beats it all though. I truly LOL'd.

I guess TV is good for something after all.

(No, I don't know what the ad is for. I seem to have mysteriously cut off the end.)

Sunday - January 13th 2019 2:52PM MST
PS: TV, WTF is that? About your LOL comment - there's a movie called "The End of the World" or something like that - it's pretty cool. There was a lot of excitement and one guy who was also abbreviation-challenged kept yelling "what the fuck is 'WTF', man?! What the fuck does that mean?"
Sunday - January 13th 2019 9:21AM MST
PS Yes, I LOVE this commercial. It's been making me laugh out loud (can we abbreviate this?) for a couple weeks. Great acting...writing...timing. It might be the best thing on TV right now.
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