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Posted On: Monday - January 21st 2019 7:00PM MST
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"What the hell is 'based'?", is what I wanted to know when there was a guy called "based stick man" pushing back on the radical antifa types in Berzerkely, California a coupla' years back. Besides not knowing how many syllables it contains (1, not 2), I hadn't known then that it just meant a stand-up guy. (Where do they come up with these silly-assed terms?) Nick Sandmann, a teenager going to Catholic school in Kentucky is no alt-right, or any, leader. He and his group of pro-life advocates were in the wrong place, or the right place, at the wrong/right time, depending on how this small incident being blown up into Lyin' Press infotainment turns out.

As Peak Stupidity resists the tweeting and twittering, we found out about the tweetstorm agains this young man, his schoolmates, and his school through the usual channel, the iSteve blog on unz. Mr. Sailer will latch onto some episodes of stupidity like a bulldog, so therefore he posts with the usual great comments are multiple - Which Kind of White Boys Does the NYT Hate Most: Protestants or Catholics?, -- You Can Tell They Are Racist Just by Looking at 'Em: Racism Is in Their DNA!, -- Buzzfeed Journalist: Sure, Maybe I Got the Facts Wrong, But I Was Right to Hate That Kid's Face. Why? Because I Hate Faces Like That!, -- Catholic High School Boys Smirking, -- SmirkGate, and -- Jessica Valenti Can't Stop Thinking About That Awful Smug MAGA Boy and His Smirk. You'll learn as much as you want to know about these bouts of media/tweeter stupidity that can make a mountain out of a mole hill.

When one reads all the Steve Sailer posts and comments, the facts of which he comes by from the world of racial political struggle against the normal people by the establishment, it may really look like this is the start of some Bolshevik-style action against the white male. If you get too much into this stuff, you may indeed think the end of this country is near, or the start of a much-needed conflagration.

This excitement is induced by the 24/7 Lyin' Press infotainment that can blow one small incident into a week or month long news story to keep those viewers tuned in. I only learned that this deal was on the TV now, due to being in a place of forced viewing (or at least listening) this morning. If one were to steer clear of the continuous media shitshow, not check tweets all day long, and stay off the blogs for a bit (no, NOT YOU, PLEASE!), one could get through that time never meeting and never believing there are people in this world with the kind of sickness and hate that make this small confrontation into a statement on the evils of white people. They are really few, but their tweets are many.

I really don't know if the Lyin' Press (who just cares about viewers) and these outraged tweeters (who really are angry) know how much they are waking up white people to the amount of hate that may (or may not really) exist against them. Hanging out in the real world with decent people around and ignoring this BS would make one less concerned, but the concern level is being ramped up by these two minute , make that two week, hate sessions that come out of nowhere.

Of course, some of it is real. The Charlottesville, Virginia street fighting (see Charlottesville and the Lyin Press, Don't let yourself get (Reginald) Dennyed , On Charlottesville again - cntrl-left is picking up the pace, and Anarco-Tyranny at Charlottesville) was the start of some real 1920's Deutchland-style Commie action. The ctrl-left really does want to destroy traditional America, of that I have not doubt. Some of the small blown-up incidents like based MAGA-hat-guy's simply not cowing to some freak Indian dipshit, however, are picked out and used by the ctrl-left to (try to) put the fear of God into anyone daring to defy their power.

Unlike Charlottesville, where the antifa types had plans made ahead of time to attack the peaceful-intentioned group there to stand for the heritage of Robert E. Lee, some of these unplanned outrages end up as own-goals for the left. As the Lyin' Press and crazy tweeters jump onto the bandwagon with scant evidence of wrongdoings, such as not-OK facial expressions or hats they don't like, the real narrative makes it into the public's eye via the internet. As people see how sick the ctrl-left is, these types of incidents will just grow the alt-right. This is all as Nick Sandmann and his classmates simple don't want to get kicked out of school by some pansy-ass cowardly Catholic "leaders" rather than be part of any movement ... for now. The more publicity this incident gets, the more these boys will realize that "politics is interested in THEM", and change their views accordingly.

The blogger Audacious Epigone, in his post on this brewhaha, Merciless Indian Savages and Their Mendacious Media Sodomites (love that title!), says in regard to this media hate on the white man:
It’s easy to become demoralized. It’s also foolish. All we have to do is wake up and we win.
That’s right, its really that simple. Its a matter of the right timing, in my opinion. Let’s say in a similar situation there are white guys around, a majority of whom have just had enough of this stuff. A small group of them make a peaceful stand. Then, the word gets spread quickly and people join the crowd by the dozens and then hundreds.

Here’s the thing: Once you get a decent sized crowd, people will lose their fears of being singled (or doubled, or by the dozen) out for media hate sessions and readily join the crowd. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: THEY CAN’T GET US ALL FIRED! THEY CAN’T GET US ALL ARRESTED! ETC!

That is why I smiled at that Tommy Robinson video* in which he had support from the British soldiers. Sure, the army decided to discharge one of the supporters, for whom they claimed that this was just the last straw. That then started a “I am Soldier X” type movement. Try to shut that down, and things are bordering on mutiny. Are you going to discharge half the bloody army?

* More discussion and video is here.

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