Gord's Gold

Posted On: Wednesday - January 4th 2017 6:34PM MST
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Continuing with the Canadian artists (we messed up last night), we feature Mr. Gordon Lightfoot.

Here's a live version from 1974 - note he's just a regular guy:

Here's a link to the song with no video, but better audio from the single.

Posting frequency will be extra low for a coupla days or so.

Buck Turgidson
Saturday - February 4th 2017 12:53PM MST
I could listen to Gordon Lightfoot all day. Did the guy ever have a bad song? This one is a personal favorite, tho' I like when it's played a little slower & a little more melancholy. GF mighta been amped up for this version. If I had been singing it with that many hot babes 15 from me, old Bucky too might have been a little amped up.

Waiting for the first compilation of "Music to Read Peak Stupidity By." (did Bert Bacharach have a 'Music to Watch Girls By' album?).
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