You can't even say "SHUSH UP!" anymore.

Posted On: Saturday - February 2nd 2019 1:26PM MST
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I thought these people had left that Cult-Rev stuff behind:

Just in another of the daily bouts of greivance-mongering that is "who we are" in America today, we have a story from Duke University in Durham, on the Research Triangle, in which a Duke University professor warns students of ‘consequences’ for speaking Chinese . Yeah, Russia Today IS the most unbiased source I could find to read about this, why do you ask, Comrade? The reader may want fo refer to a comment by BernCar on the old USSR media in a post from Thursday.

The only reason I gave so much location information there, is that this school is a hotbed of PC stupidity, yet located in North Carolina - how many damn yankee students attend, in addition to the thousands of foreigners in this story? North Carolina used to be one of the best places in the South, "an island of humility between two mountains of conceit" as described long ago by some dude. Duke is where that huge race/rape hoax involving the Lacrosse team and a crack whore went down - nobody, but nobody rapes a crack whore - man, if only I'd been the D/A, the whole thing could have been wrapped up in an afternoon! I think real Tarheels ought to kick that whole town out of the Research Triangle and find another vertex. (It's been more of a isoceles triangle anyway, and we are all supposed to for equalateralism, aren't we? PC-Geometry, bitchez!)

Anyway, here's the quick gist of it:
A Duke University professor has stepped down, after an email in which she warned Chinese students to speak English on campus or face “unintended consequences” went viral.

Screenshots of the group email, sent to grad students in the Department of Medicine, made the rounds on social media on Saturday.
“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep these unintended consequences in mind when you choose to speak in Chinese in the building,” Neely warned, telling the offending students to “commit to using English 100% of the time.”

Neely’s approach found little sympathy on campus as more than 1,000 students signed a petition calling for an investigation into the incident, according to Duke University’s student newspaper.
As is often the case, there is stupidity here on both sides of the controversy. If you can make out the ex-Professor's email screenshot in the article, she did mention that her point of getting these Chinese students to quit speaking loudly in Chinese was that they were REALLY SPEAKING LOUDLY! It may be a surprise for the reader (even of Peak Stupidity) to learn, but, though individual Chinese people are known to be staid, polite, and quite people, that is mainly just the case in small doses. Those born in America, and having grown up in quiet towns or suburbs, back when there was real assimilation, will be the types you would imagine. However, get them in groups of 10 or 20, when there aren't enough white people around to care about fitting in with, and they can get LOUDER THAN HELL The kids can be the worst - don't keep in your head the image of that 12 y/o chess prodigy. These people grow up where it's LOUD, and they feel the need to be LOUD just to keep up, is my guess. Still, as far as the hearing of foreign languages everywhere, lady, where've you been for the last 25 years - join the party, pal!

Now, on the other side, it would indeed be ridiculous to be told you can't talk amongst yourselves in you native language at college, with the exception of a real immersion school of some sort. The stupidity on the side of the Chinese "guests" here, is just that a big twate-fest (tweet/hate fest? no good?) was started about this, rather than a simple conversation with the professor (quietly, I'd hope, and IN ENGLISH, dammit!). Maybe it IS the tweeting, but people just don't know how to handle things as polite, rational human beings anymore. No, the tweets came flying out of Chinapeople's cheap-China-made tweeters, some of which can be viewed on the article linked-to above, if the reader really would like to understand the problem I've got with some of these ingrates.

Hey, listen, Chinese grad students: Have you all heard of the golden rule? Is that a thing over there? I do realize that it'd be nutty to hear the same as an American studying in China, that one had to speak Chinese or nothing, and quietly at that. It IS the kind of thing, however, that the Chinese central government could do, if it wanted. One could not say the same here. Since the era of Red-Chinese Communism, however, and even during the long climb back, that country would not have been about to kill the goose that laid all those dollar-denominated eggs, not to mention hoping they would get more out of the students than the students would get out of their studies there. If nothing else, the Chinese could legitimately pick up some English, but I imagine the universities there would want the possible technology transfer, accidental or otherwise.

Imagine something like this did happen in China. Things are different now, so, if that happened, I think the American students would just shrug, pack it up, and go home. We're can't be the arrogant Americans anymore, as we are in no position to, since our economy is based on borrowing from these people. Invoking the golden rule, here, I don't think American grad students would have gone on a twate-fest like this. "Hey, this is ridiculous, but it's THEIR country" would have been expected out of me. See, now we get to the difference. Due to the MASSIVE influx of foreigners we have had, even non-citiizens and non-nationals (green-card holders) act like they OWN the place. (Hmmm, more on that in just a bit.) At least, they think that nobody owns this place. Was that attitude taught in their SJW sociology classes (the stuff the Chinese usually try to avoid) or brought with them from THEIR country? Is that Cultural Revolution 1.0 mentality still present in the grandchildren of the originators?

Back to Professor Neely, former Head of the Department of Biostatistics in the Duke Medical School, she has to have been in Academics for a good while to have been in that position. This is important because she obviously is in 1990's mode, as far as her understanding of foreigners (esp. Chinese and dot-Indians) at American universities goes. Things have changed drastically, as Peak Stupidity has documented here and here, with the sheer numbers and attitudes and purposes of the Chinese that attend American schools. There are thousands of Chinese people studying and teaching in ALMOST ALL (maybe not English!) departments at average American universities now. I don't know about the Ivies and the very-top-notch engineering schools like CalTech and MIT. At your average state school, the Chinese run things. You will feel a foreigner as a mechanical engineering graduate student at any large university in America now.

I could write more on that, and have already, so let me put it this way: Perhaps the Chinese students act like the own the places, because they DO OWN THE PLACES. That's something that Professor Neely, with her polite, but kind of unorthodox, note to these students, did not seem to understand. It ain't 1995, when these students were respectful guests, soaking in knowledge at the best Universities in the world, and so proud to come back to China with that piece of paper, no matter how hard the struggle. It's, well, whatever is the current year now, ex-Prof Neely. You don't tell the OWNERS what to do, even if you are in the right. YOU! DO! NOT! TELL! THE! OWNERS! TO! SHUSH! UP!

Just as a humorous postscript, you all have a lot of gall, ladies in the photo. Really, I mean, we should be worried that we may not have any Chinese students to put on the brochures in the future? Wouldn't that make an aspiring but poor high-school student feel MORE likely to attend, just knowing he may be able to understand his professor? Also, what the hell is it with you people about getting pictures taken with your stupid peace signs?! Things are not getting more peaceful, and I've told you about this incessant picture-taking shit before.

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