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Posted On: Friday - January 6th 2017 8:23AM MST
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The website was created to argue for Peak Stupidity, which, believe us you, we are nearly there. Once in a while it would be nice if a post or two could be more upbeat, especially about the United States.

This writer is located in another English-speaking country (I can't say - love that subterfuge, dontcha?! ) on business, and there is one thing I've noticed for a long time. Americans have a very good trait of not being purposefully over-sophisticated and not "putting on airs". The hotel here just has a way about it of having modern-looking, fancy looking stuff that is not as good as just something simple that works. I believe most middle-class (what's left of it) Americans would rather be at a decent Hampton Inn with friendly people and clean-enough rooms than the fancy city places that have edgy new furniture, i.e. lamps that are difficult to turn on and showers that take 5 minutes to figure out the workings of.

People who use big words in speaking are not looked up to, and plain talk is still appreciated. I guess good writers could say this is a bad thing, but it represents a healthy disrespect for intellectuals. That's a good thing.

This relates to politics in a big way. You take Jimmy Carter (please!). Firstly, his name is a good example of his humility. Do you note any European politicians named Jimmy ;-} Now, Carter didn't turn out to be much of a leader, his views were left wing (not compared to today, of course!), but most likely 19 people in 20 would admit this guy was honest and a good, decent human being. It seems as though the big difference between the European so-called democracies and our Republic in terms of politics, has been that Americans appreciate an honest guy over a smart guy, and Europeans appreciate a smart guy over an honest guy. One could probably say the last sentence for any other country in the world too.

Let us relate that to the 2016 and possibly some previous elections in a latter post - hopefully today.

Would you buy a used car from this man?

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