The masks of the Antifa - a question of anonymity

Posted On: Monday - February 4th 2019 7:17PM MST
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Guy Fawkes masks:

About the only thing I disagree with James Kirkpatrick on, in his article on the ctrl-left/antifa in Stone Mountain, Georgia (see previous post) is on the wearing of masks. The way the iEspionage, aka modern electronics, is these days, showing your face anywhere in public is a guarantee of being ID'd by anyone who wants to look for you. The masks should be perfectly legal, as, if you think of the founding of our country, just as an important example, do you think the Boston Tea Party would have been celebrated 245 years later if the British had ID's and hanged all those responsible?

No, I don't begrudge these Commies their masks, but the alt-right and whomever the other side consists of should be donning their own.

Peak Stupidity will have lots more discussion of the iEspionage that we all pay good money for in the near future. Not to get into it too much today, I will just point out some humorous thoughts about the masks, such as the Guy Fawkes ones shown above, that are so popular. The young people can be seen to be very cash averse. I've seen people of all ages, in fact, carry around about 2 bucks in cash (a bad idea in my opinion), but these Millenials will pull out a credit card to buy a pack of gum. If not that, they will get their nicest, most powerful piece of iEspionage out of their pocket and have a code scanned.

So let me get this straight, Antifa sickos - you've got that Guy Fawkes mask on to be completely anonymous, but you paid for it with your phone. Yeah, nobody can find you now!

Then, you take the mask off, in front of a bunch of cameras, if nothing else, from the phones and other ishit of your buddies, that can send off information in real time to whoever really runs the software in it. You get into your car with its license plates that can be read at every other stoplight or patrol car, and drive home, where you blog on-line about your protest, as the data packets fly through the NSA Utah data center on the way, spending a few nanoseconds getting written onto a Mega-Terabyte capacity hard drive. (Yet you HATE, HATE, HATE those few Constitutionalists that actually want to Make America Great Again.)

If Peak Stupidity weren't so anti-US-Feral-Gov't, we'd take into consideration opening up a mask story, or maybe a mask kiosk. It could be brought to the protests on a small flat-bed to better serve the customers, well, 1/2 of the customers. The other half of the customer base, where the real profit lies, would consist of those nice free-spenders over at the NSA, to whom we would sell a new database file each night. It's a win/win, the kind of bright idea they teach you in the Ivy League business schools, like the ones the Zuckerbergs and other F.A.G.S. drop out of.

No, no, no, we will never find you, masked avengers. We really thought every one of you was Guy Fawkes. Idiots.

(The shame of it is that the establishment doesn't WANT to find them out. If that changed, these people would already be languishing in the #MeInTheAss prisons.)

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