She caught the Katy and left me a mule to ride

Posted On: Wednesday - February 6th 2019 8:18PM MST
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I really can't say that I know what "the Katy" is, but it must be a train* from the context.

This song brings back a memory of riding in a late '60's model land-yacht on a long road trip to the South - no it wasn't the '60's, but to set the mood, Fred put on (was it on 8-track tape?) the Blues Brother soundtrack in, which got us 50 miles down the road, at least. I cannot say that I like all of "Jake" and "Elwood", the Blues Brothers, music, and I didn't appreciate the movie that awful much at the time (at this point, I think it's one of the greatest farce-type comedy movies ever made - top 10 stuff).

However, this one is a classic blues number, and being no expert on the genre, it sounds like a nice job on it to me.

Now, to appreciate the movie, one could start with this scene, as Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) picks up his brother Jake (John Belushi) out of Joliet prison. Just the way they pronounce the place names in that Chicago accent is part of the charm of the movie. She Caught the Katy is playing, but the top video is the uninterrupted song.

The reader is referred to this Wiki page for all the band members. They ain't putting that band back together!

* OK, it was the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railway - I just looked it up.

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