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Prequel (4/09/19): I am amazed at myself here for forgetting that I'd semi-reviewed this movie already right here back in December of '17! That is ridiculous, as it has the "Movies" topic key and I could have searched first. So, the reader may want to go to that previous post first, before reading this and Part 2. I'll give myself credit - the short 3-paragraph review 1 1/3 years ago matches these newer 2 very well.

I can already see enough coming that I want to write in this post on the movie Snowden to require another one "first thing" tomorrow. Unlike with the review of The Green Inferno which required a Part 2 to avoid Peak Stupidity being a spoiler for the reader, both posts really can't be spoilers as the story of American patriot Ed Snowden should be known to anyone who either follows the Lyin' Press infotainment, or, hopefully, more like keeps up on the real stories on the blogs. It's not a documentary, but "based on a true story" that we can find out lots of details about.

As usual, this is not the review in which you read about the lighting, the cast, and the cinematography. I don't care. However, Oliver Stone, the director of this movie, has got some guts, I'll give him that. I don't say that mostly based on this move, which I'll explain. However, it's the interview embedded below (which I hope is the one I watched already) that shows me he really bucks the establishment movie scene. There was JFK, which was said to be controversial. I have not seen that one, but I'll just say that the JFK assassination has been covered up, yet speculated on, for so long that I think the CIA Deep State single-shooter hopes that people who care will eventually just die off before anyone finds out. They are waiting for The Kennedy Klan to die out (which is not altogether a bad thing - oh, I mean for the estate tax revenue on the compound ranch that we could all use.)

The politics in the movie Snowden start off early on, as his girlfriend below meets him face to face and they start talking politics. Though medically-discharged from the Special Forces, Ed Snowden must have really been a geek (this is based on a true story, so ...) to start talking politics on the first date - big, big, no-no.

So, yeah I'm a liberal. How about you? (Wanna get laid? You know what to say.)

Again, I don't even care to keep track of the actors [what kind of damn movie reviewer are you?! - Ed], but the lady above is Mr. Snowden's steady girlfriend, excepting a few breakups-with-cause until the end of the story. As cute as she is, I really think she should have been just a tad firmer around the body. As strippers , excuse me, exotic dancers, go, I understand that there are plenty who have a little extra body fat. That's why it's so dark in those places. There are plenty of really tight ones too though ... I mean, this is all from a friend who has an album of pictures (yeah, a picture album, that's the ticket...)

See there you go, now that last paragraph goes in a review! Back to the politics now. The girl actually uses that term "liberal" in the scene the picture above is from, I kid you not. How quaint is that? I don't think Snowden's movie girlfriend means "classical liberal" in the vein of Thomas Jefferson, as much as Mr.Jefferson would have agreed with Mr. Snowden on the NSA surveillance business. From the context in the scene, she meant liberal in the modern sense of left-wing, and I thought the term "liberal" had finally been thankfully left behind. Nope, near the end of the movie, Snowden's big change of heart is supposed to mean he should have listened to his stripper girlfriend and been a "liberal" from the time she had sex with him enlightened him.

Oliver Stone purports to be anti-establishment in this movie, with the establishment being the Deep State but also the "right" in general. His liberals are the good guys, that want everything out in the open and no brown people overseas randomly droned to death. This is kind of a quaint notion too. Does he not know that the modern establishment is globalist/neocon (with Conservative, Inc. sidekicks) and not in the tiniest bit classically liberal? Is the left now against war and stuff? Does Stone know it's not 1965 right now? Who is this establishment that Mr. Snowden fought against? The movie puts Ed Snowden in a very good light.* Snowden ended up fighting the big state by revealing the Orwellian practices of the NSA. That was a major gutsy move that made him a big target and therefore a fugitive and man-without-a-state. Oliver Stone does shine some light on the Deep State, but I think, as a sop to his movie business colleagues, had to make the good guys out to be "liberals".

At the end of the movie, the British Guardian newspaper journalists, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, holed up with Mr. Snowden in a Hong Kong hotel room, made a big thing of praising the "Mainstream Media" when their big-wig in London decided to air this story. Yeah, "Mainstream Media" were the heroes too! Sure. I think it was more like their worry that they'd be upstaged. Greenwald worked for The Guardian but had been an internet journalist (and real Constitutional lawyer) before that. He represented the new media. If the Mainstream Media - just too damn quaint - Lyin Press had not come out with the story, then they'd been embarrassed by it appearing around the web. 6 years later, I don't think they really care anymore about being seen acting like the American Pravda (h/t Ron Unz), as they are in even deeper in the Globalist establishment.

See that's the sop to the left by Mr. Stone, showing the Lyin Press, aka Government Media, as anti-establishment, like modern Woodwards and Bernsteins of Watergate fame (or notoriety, depending on whether you liked that dick Nixon).

It gets quainter and quainter. The real TV infotainment footage shown in that movie scene near the end featured the Wolf Blitzers and such proudly railing on the US Gov't's unconstitutional spying on Americans. Yeah, like Wolf freakin' Blitzer cares about the US Constitution. The mainstream media and the left were gonna end the killing of brown people overseas again! Funny, but I don't recall any "Liberal" presidential administrations making a big effort. 8 years of Commie Øb☭ma didn't change a thing. It's not like the Hildabeast would have either. She never even SAID she would change the American warmongering foreign policy (though, granted what the Hildabeast says and what goes through her reptilian mind have no known correlation whatsoever). Going back to her sweetheart, executor of the laws of the land through most of the 1990's, well, that "liberal" started a war to help Moslems kill Christians in Bosnia and had an aspirin factory in north Africa bombed to distract for a minor (for him!) scandal.

Oh, and there was Piers Morgan on the small screen, within the big-screen of this movie. Yeah, this very same gun-grabber was on TV there gabbing about this great development in freedom. OK, right, so we need to fight these Orwellian Deep-State people in the establishment so they don't keep spying on us, but not with guns, though, OK? Whatchu' talkin' about, Winston?

Man, that "movie review" got political real quick-like. I promise to bad-mouth more of the movie itself in the 2nd post.

This is just a short segment with Tucker Carlson, but I can't find the original one I'd watched a good while back. Even so, refuting the Lyin' Press' hatred for "The Russian" and treating President Putin like a human being has got to put him somewhat on the outs with those people and his people in The Biz.

* Just for fairness, here's a ridiculous-at-first-glance counterpoint with some neoconnery I didn't know existed in The Federalist (just never have read it before, I guess). by one Rebeccah Heinrichs.

[UPDATE 4/9/19:]
Added 1st paragraph to note that I had semi-reviewed this movie in another post that I had forgotten about!

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