Legal Stupidity on the back of the phone book

Posted On: Monday - February 11th 2019 6:52PM MST
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Yes, there are still phone books where I live. OK, at least there are yellow pages. It's just that I'd thought I'd have to scrounge for other types of material for shooting experiments, as that was pretty much all they've been good for, since the internet and cell phones. There was an interesting ad on the back:

Names redacted to protect the innocent (bloggers, not the lawyers).

Look at that, the husband looks pretty mean and tough. The poor, cute (from the profile view, but probably overweight below the ad height... oh, which is probably why the guy's had enough) lady is very innocent. She needs the help of those smiling, always-glad-to-help for FREE (... and contingency fees) nice gentlemen who'll be like knights on white horses BMWs to come to her rescue. She can repay them by going on dates, I guess.

Peak Stupidity has been around for, what, over 2 years, and has not even had the time to point out the "Legal Stupidity" (brand, spanking new topic key!) yet. It's a big one. In the family court realm, it is very closely tied to feminism, which has pushed the idea that women should initiate divorce whenever the mood strikes them to say that they are not happy or fulfilled, or Cosmo magazine tells them that. These sleazy lawyers are glad to take full advantage of that. Breaking up families is not something that concerns them, as those BMWs aren't going to pay for themselves.

I bet those guys won't be so tough after the SHTF and men have had enough of this shit. Please, corporate gigs and defenders of the Constitution aside, Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be lawyers ... take it, Waylon & Willie:

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