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Posted On: Friday - February 15th 2019 8:28PM MST
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(continued from Part 1)

First come our apologies for taking so long for the 2nd part of our review of the very entertaining Ship of Fools by Tucker Carlson. I would say informative too, but that'd more apply for readers who have not kept up with the political blogs, your Ann Coulters, Pat Buchanans, Steve Sailers ... Peak Stupidity, and so on and so on. There's not too many of the pieces of stupidity pointed out by Mr. Carlson, and the points made thereabout that wouldn't be already known to someone keeping up a bit.

The 2nd part of the book, exactly half by page numbers, is commentary, with good examples of the stupidity of a) free speech, well, lack thereof, b) race relations, and c) feminism and genderbender nonsense. (I think the items in (c) could have been attacked separately.) In fact, the second half of Ship of Fools could just be one long essay on Peak Stupidity.

"Shut Up", They Explained is not an original piece of snark, but then lots in these chapters are not original observations. They are put together with good examples, and summed up nicely though, with Tucker's explanations. I did not realize until reading this book that the ACLU had been (till recently) such an EXTREMELY stalwart defender of US Constitution Amendment I for a century running. The reversal of the left's beliefs in unfettered free speech per US Constitution Amendment I to become an Orwellian program is well-demonstrated by examples.

However, I don't think Mr. Carlson got around to the real explanation for the changes. He reckons that the modern media and corporate giants don't care about civil disagreement on matters of opinion, with a right for everyone to have a say, is simply due to those elite's distance from the regular American people. If you recall, this was the explanation for the US Feral Government's failings in the areas of the immigration-invasion and foreign interventionist policy, discussed in the first 2 chapters and discussed in Part 1 of our review. No, the real explanation is that the same people who wanted to destroy traditional America during the time of the free speech movements of the 1960's, still want to destroy it. They needed unfettered speech then, against the establishment. Now they ARE the establishment, so they need to shut down any arguments or complaints by their political enemies.

In Diversity Diversion (see, the title gives away Mr. Carlson's explanation), the deep racial divisions in modern America and bias and media/government encouraged hatred against white people is explored. The author's heart is in the right place, but I'll say this chapter and the next show his guts are not quite there yet. Mr. Carlson is very, very careful in his wording regarding de-segregation, even seeming to support (in hindsight) the forced-busing in Boston, Massachusetts in the '70's. (It happened all over just as tragically, but the violent situation in Boston was particularly mentioned.) Martin Luther King is the fall-back position (uggggh), as Mr. Carlson discussed the change from the idea of judging men by their merits to judging by their color, as is pretty much the current situation, i.e. tribalism.

I mentioned Steve Sailer's ideas before, and the writing that makes it seem Tucker Carlson has at least read the guy. The 11 1/2 page (5% of the book!) evisceration of one Tah Nehi Coates (not even TRYING to spell his fucked-up name right) is an instance in which I can't help think the author has read at least of few of Mr. Sailer's dozens of posts* on this affirmative-action author. Mr. Carlson even denigrates the same line "...releasing the eldritch energies." - no, none of us know what it means. By AA, I don't mean Coates is on some quota plan, but (read the book) he is described as a pretty lame author, yet is put on a pedestal by all except a few intelligent blacks and by those whites who want to show-off how much they understand bad (the other) white people are, for reasons of ... insanity(?)

Tucker does a nice job illustrating the hypocrisy of the elites (Hildabeast, Mayor of NY City, Chief Warren, Maxine Waters, etc.) living in lily-white neighborhoods while preaching "diversity is our strength (another Sailer specialty). However, he still holds back, and seems to believe that it would all be OK if we just went back to treating people equally. I don't really think that's gonna cut it, but I understand Mr. Carlson's reluctance to tell the whole truth. He would no longer have his podium were he to go a bit farther, and we'd all be the worse for that.

The book's explanation for the problem here is that this is a "divide-and-conquer" strategy of the elites, though it's not mentioned if this is some actual plan or just their common way of thinking. Again, I don't agree. There are many blacks who have the kind of hatred that leads them to want to tear down the country. They don't need encouragement once they've gotten the law and institutions all on their side, as is the case. Forget it, Tucker, it's tribalism-town.

The chapter on the feminists also pulls a few punches, unless Mr. Carlson is a bit naive. He describes the early feminists, Betty Friedan, in particular, as NOT being harmful to society. He describes the current woman-dominated university and women-as-more-successful lower-ed worlds as just the result of fair treatment as prescribed by those early feminists, with no thought to the matriarchy that enables this stupidity. It's just the current feminist nuts, the completely hypocritical ones (again, described with many great examples) that the author has a problem with.

Mr. Carlson does a good job mentioning the culturally-suicidal effects of having men earning less and being less successful than potential female mates. However, without pushing back on the whole matriarchy system we are under, it seems like he is no conservative in this respect. I guess he never said he was.

The genderbender stupidity is in the latter part of the same chapter, and Tucker describes the stupidity as well as anybody, though it's not a hard thing to do. On this and the extreme feminist stupidity, he does not offer an explanation connected to the new elites. It's blamed simply on the unhappy people who make up the feminists. It's just another way to destroy the nation, so personally I would tend to think it'd be the same people that have been destroying the nation in the previously-discussed ways.

Lastly, on the 5 decades-ago good fight for a cleaner environment in America, in contrast to the situation today, Mr. Carlson again makes some good points. In They Don't Pick Up Trash Anymore, the great theme is that all the sensible things, such as just physically cleaning up, have been dropped for the theoretically "important problems" such as Global Climate DisruptionTM and such nonsense because the latter don't require any actual physical work and, more importantly, they are problems with no solution in sight, hence no end, hence continual funding forevah! Plus, it's important that the immigration invasion continue, so ties between immigration and destruction of the environment have been "nipped in the bud", though not in this book.

One more thing, as I have not really done much of a summation of Ship of Fools here (I think it'll be one more, much shorter post). I did note that Tucker Carlson, though often humorous in his writing, included an actual joke in this chapter. While pointing out that environmentalism is an establishment thing now, he writes:
Go to San Fransisco and see for yourself. Walk through Sea Cliff or Presidio Heights or any affluent neighborhood in the city and ask the first five people you meet if they consider themselves environmentalists. If only four say yes, chances are the fifth doesn't speak English well enough to understand the question.
Haha... shades of Ann Coulter there!

Whewww! That's where I stand in my reading of Ship of Fools. A short conclusion will appear shortly.

* BTW, Steve Sailer's posts often demonstrate the PC and anti-white stupidity around us, such as the rantings of this Mr. Coates. I can't say it is a reason, but I could not blame Mr. Sailer one bit if part of his reason for having written so many posts on the guy is anger toward the unfairness of it all. Sailer writes with great insight, yet gets no public acclaim and drives a late-90's model Honda (nothing at all against Hondas - they've got great solid engines in those things, but that's not my point). In the meantime, Coates gets called one of the top 50 writers of the century or some such crap and makes millions. Nope it's not right. Oh, and BTW, Steve Sailer is still in favor of some affirmative action, so maybe is not quite so insightful.

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