CPAC, gutsy Michelle Malkin, and Swift Airlines

Posted On: Saturday - March 2nd 2019 11:49AM MST
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With the President being completely worthless, whether intentionally or not, on the existential issue* of out-of-control immigration, things look very bleak. There's the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, being held the weekend in Washington, Federal Shithole as we blog. Per VDare writer James Fulford yesterday, Michelle Malkin Called Out Immigration Disaster In CPAC Speech That Gets Standing Ovation (with video).

# 2 PS favorite written pundit:

(Yes, we've had a few slight beefs with her minor Statism here, here, and here.)

VDare's "Washington Watcher" has more on the conference and the disappointing relegation of the most important conservative issue to one session. Read CPAC and Trump Disappoint Immigration Patriots. Michelle Malkin Issues Both a Wake-Up Call as opposed to taking depressants, if you're on too much of a bipolar high. Michelle Malkin was apparently the only bright spot, not least because VDare's leader, Peter Brimelow, was not even invited to this "conservative conference.

Not only that, but a race hustler lefty from the past (I used to watch Glenn Beck disparage this guy 10 years back!), one Van Jones, was invited to tell the conservatives:
The conservative movement in this country, unfortunately from my point of view, is now the leader on this issue of [criminal justice] reform… take some dadgum credit for being smart. Take some dadgum credit for getting it right.

[No, I'm sure he doesn't cuss at home either]
Yes, conservatives should be proud of that one move at least, releasing black prisoners from jail early, that's the ticket. It'll get votes and clean up the streets ... or something ...

Any reader wanting to really keep up with the immigration-invasion issue ought to really read VDare daily. (Hey, it's right there on the right ---> ) Give it 10 to 20 minutes per day, depending on how fast you read.

I figure it's time for a little cheer here, so I'll relate my running to a pilot who flies for an airline called Swift Air. These guys have got over 30 Boeing 737s that are used almost solely to transport the most violent illegal aliens that have been convicted of felonies in the US back down to their home countries, almost all in a southerly direction. They transport roughly 120 - 150 of these "scum de la scum" at a time, with 10-15 armed-and-ready-to-rumble "flight attendants" daily out of a number of detention centers in the US via Miami and points south.

The pilot even told me that he and the guards have seen people and/or names they've recognized from previous flight; "frequent fliers", they call them. Do people in high places still really question why we need a real border wall or barrier, or do they just want this invasion to happen? Some of the aircraft do 2 turns a day down there (bringing mechanics with them as they DO NOT WANT TO GET STUCK!). You'll like this - Swift Air's radio call sign is "Repatriate".

Thanks for flying Swift Air! Buh-bye!

* This one makes 132 Peak Stupidity posts with this topic key attached.

Thursday - March 7th 2019 8:35AM MST
PS- Yes, hot. When ever a there's a discussion on Howie's show involving a woman allegedly committing a crime he asks if she's guilty or not guilty
Tuesday - March 5th 2019 8:09PM MST
PS: What does he mean by that? Hot?
Tuesday - March 5th 2019 9:52AM MST
PS as the great Howie Carr would put it, Michelle Malkin is definitely “not guilty”
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